Green Card Renewal Abroad


  • Nationality: Italy
  • Case: Renewal of Permanent Residency
  • Time: 5 Month
  • Challenges:
    1. Prove that Mr. Messi traveled to Columbia to conduct business and purchase film making equipment for his movie production company.
    2. Mr. Messi stayed in Columbia a little over six months not knowing he had to fill out a Re-entry Permit and worried he may not be allowed back to the United States.
    3. Prove that Mr. Messi filed Form I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Residency Card because he’d lost his green card, thus is eligible for re-entry to the United States.
    4. Mr. Messi and his wife (a U.S. Citizen) are divorced, and our client was unable to contact her to inquire about his green card.
    5. Writing a letter to the CBP supervisor to explain that our client had every intention of returning to the U.S., and not abandon his Permanent Resident status.
    6. Preparing him how to respond to questions asked by an immigration officer at the Los Angeles airport.


Mr. Messi innocently traveled to Columbia to conduct business and purchased film making equipment for his movie production company but stayed longer than he anticipated.  As he was preparing for his return to the United States, he was not allowed to board the plane because he did not have a Re-entry Permit form with him. In an instant, his world seemed to crumble and simply because he did not know he had to take care of such an important piece of paper. All alone in Columbia, he worried about what the future might hold for him, and to make matters worse, he’d lost his green card which would prove that he is a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States. Desperate for solutions he tried to contact his ex-wife to find out if she knew anything about his green card but was unable to find her.  Mr. Messi, however, did take the proper steps to apply for a Form I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Residency Card, immediately when he learned that he had lost his green card, and hoped that this might help him to be permitted back to the United States.

Nonetheless, Mr. Messi became increasingly anxious about his daunting situation and was unable to think clearly, that is until he found Tsang and Associates on the internet and contacted our attorneys for help.  We were able to give him legal advice via Skype and provided him with the best possible advice our legal team could offer, yet we were confident enough to know that Mr. Messi would most likely be eligible for re-entry to the United States.  After he regained his composure, Mr. Messi placed his belief in us and retained our services. Our legal team gathered all the information we needed from Mr. Messi and began to work on this case as quickly as possible.


Thankfully, Mr. Tomaso Messi was granted permission for re-entry to the United States, and all the worry and stress vanished. Within five months, his Renewal of Permanent Residency was approved in July of 2018. This country has been home to Mr. Tomaso Messi ever since he set foot here, and he has worked very hard to pursue the American Dream of becoming a successful movie producer. Despite certain hardships, like divorcing his wife and this case, he still was determined to accomplish his dream. So, when Tsang & Associates allowed him to continue his American Dream, he was beyond grateful for all of their work.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity

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