Successful N-400 After Previous Denial

Successful N-400 After Previous Denial

Applicants: Mr. Rodrigo
Mexican (unconfirmed)
Citizenship Case
Case Type:
N-400, Naturalization

  • Failed a previous attempt at gaining citizenship
  • Health issues, including being legally blind
  • Does not speak English and would need an interpreter



A promise to a loved one is maybe the most important promise of them all. Mr. Rodrigo made one such promise to his wife, sometime before 2012. They were an elderly couple that had lived in the United States for some time. He made her a promise that he would get his U.S. citizenship, that he’d complete the tough and rigorous process that would culminate in his naturalization. He, however, failed upon his first attempt. And sadly, his wife passed away not long after. Understandably, Mr. Rodrigo was distraught. He felt that he had failed at coming through on one of the most important promises in his life. It took him until 2018 to find the courage to try the process a second time, but this time he retained our services. He found us through his daughter, who was encouraging him to attempt the process again, to keep that promise that he had made.



When he came to us, it was clear that he was nervous. Sometimes when you’re dealing with government officials that you don’t know, a process that is foreign to you, and you have to read, write, and speak in a language you are not well versed in, it can feel like the whole system, the weight of the U.S. Government is holding you back from your goals. He had that weight upon him along with the extra concern of failing in the past. However, he said one thing that stuck out to us. “I want to do it for her.” He was here to fulfill a promise to his wife, and we were here to help.

When we reviewed his case, it was clear that he did not have all the help he required the first time he attempted to become a naturalized citizen. Mr. Rodrigo’s health was failing. Among the many difficult medical conditions, he was essentially blind. It became obvious that he should have been able to waive at least part of the process based on his health, yet those he had worked within the previous attempt did not get him any sort of waiver at all.

“I always want to put myself in the shoes of the client. Any rejection in life creates a bad memory. I like to make clients believe in themselves again… Now he can feel like he did something for his wife, that he did something for his family. I like that we can give clients hope.” – Gabriela Banuelos, Account Manager

When we strive to help one of our clients, we provide as much service as possible. We referred him to a doctor who knows the medical stresses of the naturalization process and how unfairly difficult it would be for a man in Mr. Rodrigo’s condition to pass the test. We provided him with a translator and an interview appearance for interaction with government officials so that he could be more comfortable and would be able to communicate in his primary language. We believe in our clients and work to provide them with every opportunity to succeed, we want to show them that they are not alone in their quests towards their goals. Mr. Rodrigo was no different. The doctor we referred him to was able to succeed in getting the test waived due to medical hardship. The translator was there at every important meeting to help explain what was needed of Mr. Rodrigo and to help Mr. Rodrigo communicate back to officials. Our team prepared all the necessary documents needed to complete the naturalization process.



Mr. Rodrigo came to us in February 2018, nearly a full six years after his first failure to become naturalized, but by the 30th of November, 2018, he had been approved to take his Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony. We also encourage clients to maintain a relationship with our firm after their case is settled. We want our clients to feel comfortable calling if they have any more issues or questions or if they ever need help. We got to see Mr. Rodrigo after he successfully became naturalized, and he expressed to us how happy he was. Gone was the nervous man afraid of failure. Before us stood a naturalized citizen and a man who was able to keep a promise to his wife.