Successful F-1 Study Visa After Multiple B1/B2 Rejections

Successful F-1 Study Visa After Multiple B1/B2 Rejections

Mr. Li planned to go to the University of California to study MBA, but he dared to apply for an F-1 student visa because he was afraid of the previous B1/B2 visa refusal experience. Mr. Li entrusted Tsang & Associates Law Firm to assist him in applying for a student visa. Successfully complete the visa application within 3 months .

Applicant: Mr. Li
Degree: University of California MBA
Apply for a Visa: F-1 Student Visa
Region: Hong Kong, China

Difficulties in this case:
• B1/B2 Visa (business/tourist visa) was rejected many times before;
• Before the visa was rejected, he frequently entered the United States and applied for extension, with a serious tendency to immigrate.

The client in this case, Mr. Li, entered and exited the United States many times, and tried to extend his stay after coming to the United States. He stayed in the United States for too long. Finally, during the process of trying to enter the United States, the local customs in the United States questioned that Mr. Li had a strong tendency to immigrate, and Mr. Li There was no evidence that his entry was only for a short stay, and he was deported back to Hong Kong on the same day. After that, I tried twice to apply for a B1/B2 visa, but was rejected.

Mr. Li plans to go to the University of California to study for an MBA, but because of the previous B1/B2 visa refusal experience, he is afraid and dare not apply for an F-1 student visa. After introduction, Mr. Li entrusted Tsang & Associates Law Firm (Tsang & Associates Law Firm) to assist him in applying for a student visa. The visa application is completed within 3 months from the signing of the contract, preparation to the approval of the visa interview.

Keys to success:
After learning about Mr. Li’s situation, we found that the previous repatriation and B1/B2 visa rejections were mainly due to misunderstanding of intentions and poor communication. Tsang’s lawyer team is very happy to help Mr. Li apply for a student visa and ensure that he can enroll smoothly and on time.

One of the key points in this case is to prove that Mr. Li has no intention of immigrating.

We use Mr. Li’s company and resume in Hong Kong to prove that Mr. Li’s long stay in the United States was not because of the company’s business needs, but because of the company’s business needs. Past visa records show that Mr. Li had studied at the University of Southern California with an F-1 student visa; his previous B1/B2 business/sightseeing visa came to the United States mainly to take the CPA, GRE, and GMAT license exams, which proves that Mr. Li’s previous entry was all It is justified, and there is no illegal stay, and so many trips to the United States are not immigration intentions.

In addition, we can prove that Mr. Li has no intention of immigrating from the aspects of Mr. Li’s stable job in Hong Kong, the help of his further study in the United States, his career prospects after returning to Hong Kong after his further study, and his family in Hong Kong.

Second, we must prove that Mr. Li is eligible for the F-1 student visa application

• School attendance. Provide the admission letter of the University of California and the I-20 form to prove that Mr. Li was admitted to the United States as a 2-year full-time (18 hours/week) MBA. Mr. Li once studied in the United States, and his professional and language skills are sufficient to afford the MBA course.

• Sufficient funding. Based on the asset statement of Mr. Li and his parents (Mr. Li provided about 150,000 US dollars, and his parents provided a financial certificate of 500,000 US dollars) compared with the estimated two-year study + living expenses, it is proved that Mr. Li has enough funds to support his study in the United States period spent. In addition, we highlight that Mr. Li has several successful investments in Hong Kong, which is enough to prove that Mr. Li will not need US government subsidies.

• Evidence of intent to leave the country at the end of your studies. Once again, Mr. Li studied for MBA in the United States only because he could improve the professional skills needed to work in a Hong Kong company. Mr. Li’s family mostly lives in China and Hong Kong, China. This proves that Mr. Li has no intention of remaining in the United States after the completion of his studies.

Case result:
The case was successfully interviewed within 3 months and successfully assisted Mr. Li to study in the United States. Mr. Li finally breathed a sigh of relief after passing the interview, and finally let go of his worry that he would never be able to go to the United States again.

Lawyer Zang commented:
For cases with multiple visa refusal records, we will make a comprehensive assessment before accepting the case. After understanding the reasons for the refusal, we will formulate a solution based on the comprehensive situation of the customer’s family, work, and study, and guide the preparation of supporting documents, and the lawyer will represent the customer. Explain all the problems to the visa officer, persuade the visa department to overturn the previous reason for refusal, and re-issue the visa for the guest to go to the United States.

Generally speaking, as long as the reason for visa refusal is not “inadmissible”, we can help customers tap their potential to re-apply for a visa. If you are applying for a student visa, the school and major you apply for are also very important. For example: a student who already has a bachelor’s degree applies to a local community college in the United States, or a student who has previously studied in the United States applies for another one in order to save tuition fees. Language schools, etc., these are places that will be questioned by the visa officer. In short all problems need to be rationalized.

If the refusal is due to a ground of inadmissibility being triggered, a waiver is required to have a chance of re-applying the visa. Regarding the issue of inadmissible (prohibition of entry) and visa exemption, we talked about it in the previous article “The US visa was rejected, do I need to apply for exemption”.

Although more and more Chinese guests have obtained the 10-year B1/B2 visa in the United States, visa refusal, entry refusal, original flight repatriation, and visa revocation still happen from time to time. For those who need to come to the United States, these experiences It is often unspeakable pain. If you have any questions about US visa, please contact Tsang & Associates Law Firm, we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional services.

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