RFE For Young Business Man Applying for E-2 Status

E-2 Business Visa For Young Business Man

  • Applicant: Mr. Wu
  • Country/Region: Taiwan, China
  • Applying for: E-2 Business Visa
  • Case Type: Request for Evidence
  • Time: 1 Month
  • Challenges:
    • Difficult to apply for this status in the U.S.; most people apply in their own country for this visa.
    • The client’s company was a niche business and didn’t appear as legitimate as other businesses; we needed to prove it was a valid and necessary business.


A true innovator and rising star, Mr. Wu had started a successful company. However, an obstacle had kept him from thriving. If he didn’t obtain an E-2 Business Visa to stay in America, he would be forced to go back to Taiwan and join the military. We realized the talents of this gentleman, and how hard he had worked for success. Not only did he need to see his company grow, but we knew that he had other plans on the horizon. We would do everything we could to help Mr. Wu obtain an E-2 Business Visa, but we knew there would be challenges ahead.

Even though Mr. Wu’s business was a brilliant success; he had certainly created a legitimate company and his product was selling well, there were many obstacles in his path to obtaining a Business Visa. For one, he was young and fresh out of business school. He did not have a seasoned resume, and in our present culture of start-ups that fade out quickly, we knew his company might be judged by that criteria.

Also, his product was a niche offering, (he had created terrariums for lizards and other reptiles), and since it was based on a hobby, we were concerned it wouldn’t seem as legitimate as other companies. It could easily be seen as an internet start-up; we needed to prove its validity.



This was Mr. Wu’s last chance to receive the E-2 Visa before he had to go back to Taiwan. We knew we needed more than just simple evidence to prove Wu’s case. Initially, we set out to prove that he had a legitimate business. We spent time strategizing to figure out what exactly he needed to obtain the Business Visa. We needed to show how strong and successful his company was; that it wasn’t an untrustworthy company. We made sure we had the documentation and information to prove that Wu’s company was indeed a real business.

From his organization, we requested not just important documents, but any documents that showed his day-by-day operations and the details of his employees. We offered in-depth explanations of all his transactions, including invoices, receipts, wages, employee information, and sales. Instead of merely including these documentations, we broke down what each document was for, including an explanation of each document to illustrate the legitimacy of Wu’s company. We wanted to be as thorough as possible in order for the USCIS to see what an amazing company Mr. Wu had created. Due to our experience in this type of Visa, we did this within one week; including eleven pages of painstakingly detailed, accurate description of the inner-workings of Wu’s company.

Through this in-depth analysis of Wu’s company, we demonstrated that the client deserved the Business Visa to keep developing his company. We knew his company could grow and flourish, and we wanted to help him. Although Mr. Wu had lost hope, he would ever receive a Visa, he saw our determination and decided to trust us. America is made up of such innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and we wanted to prove that he deserved to be among the many to succeed in this country.



When Mr. Wu opened the letter and saw that he received his E-2 Visa, the fear drained from him. He was filled with joy at how much work and dedication we put towards his case. Now he can continue leading his company and pursuing his vision of entrepreneurship. His pets were happy (and thriving) as well.