Replacement Green Card for Man With Criminal Background

Replacement Green Card for Man With Criminal Background

  • Applicant: Mr. Gonzalez
  • Applying for: Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
  • Case type: I-90
  • Time: 6 ½ months
  • Challenges:
    • Mr. Gonzalez had a criminal background
    • Mr. Gonzalez had medical emergencies during this time
    • He had been denied once already, and was worried his family would be broken up if he was denied again



    In August of 2016, Mr. Gonzalez filed to replace an expired permanent residence card. He had finally made a comfortable life for himself and his family, and he needed to make sure he would be able to legally stay here so he could provide for his family. In September of 2017, however, he received a denial in response to his application, due mainly to a somewhat recent arrest on his record. Mr. Gonzalez was distraught: he had a wife and kids that depended on him and a house he could not afford to lose.

    Moreover, he began grappling with debilitating medical problems around the same time. He needed to spend more time focusing on his health and less time stressing about his uncertain future in this country. Because Mr. Gonzalez’s card had already expired, though, there was no time to waste; he was at risk of deportation if he could not get the matter resolved quickly. Thus, desperately looking for guidance through the daunting process of obtaining approval for his card replacement, he came to us at Tsang & Associates.



    Understanding that the livelihood of Mr. Gonzalez’s family was on the line, we worked fast and efficiently to prepare his new application. We accommodated his medical needs and appointments as we worked with him to gather evidence of how his entire character has reformed since his arrest. Showing how much he loves and selflessly provides for his US-based family was the easy first step in demonstrating his capacity for affection and empathy.

    In our commitment to thorough work, however, we assisted Mr. Gonzalez is scheduling and undergoing a thorough background check so as to make no secrets about the contents of his record. Once the results came back several months later, we were able to argue that Mr. Gonzalez’s arrest was an isolated incident that does not reflect his true nature, and thus should have no bearing on his ability to be approved for a resident card replacement.



    Whereas cases of this type are typically resolved in no fewer than nine months, our focused efforts got Mr. Gonzalez an approval six and a half months after we filed. He and his family were very thankful to have avoided the dreaded possibility of a broken household with our help. They can now live more peacefully knowing that this situation is behind them and start focusing on the future.

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