Mother Successfully Transfers B-2 Visa to F-1 Visa To Study In United States

I-526 has been approved, half a hundred mothers successfully transferred to F-1 to study in the United States

F-1 student visa, accompanying middle-aged mother, B-2 tourist,
Under Trump’s new policy, F-1 student visas are becoming more and more difficult. Many middle-aged mothers who want to sign F-1 to accompany them to study after being rejected by the consulate, use B-2 travel to the United States to apply for conversion to F-1 students.

Under Trump’s new policy, F-1 student visas are becoming more and more difficult. Middle-aged “old mothers” who want to sign F-1 students to study in the United States have been rejected at the consulate. But the wisdom of old mothers is infinite, and it is easier to find out that it is easier to transfer students in the United States, so many mothers who came to the United States with B-2 tourism have applied to transfer to F-1 students. Zang Dikai United Law Firm (Tsang & Associates) will take you to another recent successful case of B-2 to F-1 conversion.

Year: 2019
Nationality: Chinese
Applicant: Ms. Huang
Case Type: B-2 Tourist to F-1 Student

time frame:
02/2019: Ms. Huang came to the United States with a B-2 tourist visa;
05/2019: Zang Dikai United Law Firm submitted the B-2 extension application and B-2 to F-1 application for Ms. Huang;
06/2019: Ms. Huang finished fingerprinting;
09/2019: B-2 extension approval notice received;
10/2019: Received notification of F-1 approval.

Difficulties in this case:
1. Ms. Huang applied for investment immigration in 2015 and is waiting for the immigration schedule;
2. Ms. Huang applied for an F-1 student visa at the US consulate in 2017 and was rejected;
3. Ms. Huang’s two children are both in the United States. The eldest is F-1 and is studying in middle school. The second child was born in the United States and just entered elementary school. She used a tourist visa to give birth in the United States before;
4. Ms. Huang has bought a car and a house in California in order to take care of her two children to go to school;
5. Ms. Huang stayed in the United States for a long time with a B1/B2 visa in the past two years, and was warned.

Brief background:
Ms. Huang applied for investment immigration in 2015. She originally thought that she would land in the United States soon, and her two children could come to the United States to study as soon as possible. However, due to scheduling problems, although the I-526 was approved, she was unable to get her green card. Seeing that the study plans of the two children were about to be disrupted, Ms. Huang immediately applied for a private school in the United States and an F-1 student visa for the eldest. The second child was born in the United States and has a US passport. She brought her two children to California in 2017 Started a tutoring career. Originally, Ms. Huang also applied for the ESL course in 2017, but the F-1 visa was rejected, so she had to use the B1/B2 visa to travel between China and the United States.

When she came to the United States in early 2019, she was interrogated and warned by the customs. Although she was released, Ms. Huang was afraid that her B1/B2 would be cancelled, and her two children would not be able to continue studying in the United States. Through a friend’s introduction, she found Tsang & Associates , Zang Dikai’s lawyer team has conducted in-depth research and obtained successful cases in the face of Trump’s new policies. Therefore, after fully understanding Ms. Huang’s situation, they finally confirmed the transfer of B-2 to F-1 students and postponed B-2 for six years. program of the month.


Keys to success:
How to explain immigration propensity & justify return binding
Ms. Huang has applied for investment immigration. Her children are all studying in the United States, buying property in the United States, and going to the United States to give birth. All of these have a very obvious tendency to immigrate. In 2017, when Ms. Huang applied for an F-1 student visa at the consulate, she was rejected because of her obvious immigrant tendencies.

How to prove that Ms. Huang will not stay and wait to apply for adjustment of status in the United States for the transfer from B-2 to F-1? Zang Dikai’s lawyer team not only studied the data such as EB-5 scheduling progress and the number of applicants, but also started from Ms. Huang’s family, education and work experience to understand the domestic enterprises and careers owned by her family. A successful husband and domestic family members. Not only does he have a master’s degree from a prestigious school, but he also served as an executive in a large company for a long time before returning to the family after getting married and having children. In the lawyer’s letter, he put forward strong points of view such as the unsolvable problem of scheduling, and that although Ms. Huang is ready to immigrate, she should still be given the opportunity to continue her studies. Based on Ms. Huang’s background, she made a strong defense and reversed the situation. Ms. Huang’s disadvantages during the visa application in 2017, so that Ms. Huang’s F-1 application was approved, and she had the opportunity to accompany her children to learn, progress and grow together in the United States.

The Necessity and Legitimacy of Studying in the United States
Ms. Huang is nearly fifty. She has a high degree of education and a good foundation in English. She was sent to work overseas, but now she is applying for a language course at a university. There is also a problem with the course when I was rejected when I applied for the F-1 visa before. Now how do you say that the Immigration Bureau really wants to study in the United States?

Through contact with Ms. Huang, Zang Dikai’s lawyer team learned that although Ms. Huang had worked overseas, she stayed away from the workplace after getting married and had children, and her work and language skills were greatly reduced. This time, she sincerely hopes to further improve herself and master the system first. English, lay a solid foundation before studying for an MBA, laying the foundation for returning to the workplace in the future. Ms. Huang has the confidence and financial resources to complete these courses.

connection of time points
The time connection between B-2 and F-1 is very important.

Zang Dikai’s legal team is already very familiar with the transition from B-2 to F-1 at various points in time, and what data will be needed for possible supplementary documents. Therefore, I had a detailed communication with Ms. Huang from the very beginning. After learning about it, Ms. Huang felt that she knew exactly how to deal with the application situation at each step, so she rest assured that Tsang & Associates would handle it.

The school was applied by Ms. Huang herself, and she maintained good communication with the school and informed in advance of possible supplementary materials.

Maintenance of Legal Status in the U.S.
Ms. Huang was very cooperative and actively followed the advice of Zang Dikai’s lawyer team, strictly abided by what she could and couldn’t do while in the United States, and collected the required supporting materials in an orderly manner. At the same time, the B-2 extension allows Ms. Huang to avoid the possible gap period of status, so that if the F-1 is unsuccessful, it will not affect the subsequent immigration application. Maintaining legal status is not only required for B-2 to F-1 students, but also plays a very important role in the immigration application that has been processed.

Case result:
Ms. Huang’s application went very smoothly. The Immigration Bureau did not require supplementary documents. She completed the conversion from tourist to student status within 5 months, so that she could accompany the student with peace of mind while continuing to study and improve herself, and lived up to her time in the United States.

Lawyer Comments:
Regardless of the extension or conversion of status in the United States, there are risks. The calculation of various time periods, possible overstays, whether it will violate the prohibition of entry regulations, how to maintain a legal status during the US stay, etc., all of these must be fully understood and considered in advance. We have encountered many customers who have lost their identity or faced a 3-year/10-year inadmissibility problem due to improper operations by themselves or others. Immigration or other non-immigrant applications have also been implicated, and it will take multiple efforts afterward. It may not be able to make up for it.

In the era of information explosion, faced with all kinds of complicated news, how to distinguish between the false and the true, after hearing what Zhang San said today, and seeing what XX said tomorrow. It is recommended that the applicant find a professional and responsible lawyer for advice, and ask the lawyer to formulate a plan or strategy for you to help you fully understand before applying, so that you can feel at ease, smooth and happy when applying. If readers have any needs, you are welcome to contact Tsang & Associates.

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