Legal Opinion Letter For Assault Charges To Be Dropped

Legal Opinion Letter For Assault Charges To Be Dropped

  • Applicant: Ms. Li’s Taiwanese Lawyers
  • Case Type: Legal Opinion Letter
  • Letter Subject: Drop Assault Charges Filed Against Ms. Li
  • Country/Region: Taiwan, China
  • Challenges:
    • Over 3000 pages of court documents that need to be reviewed in only a week
    • Requires knowledge of law proceedings in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Taiwan


There are things we do in our lives that we’re not always proud of. In the case of Ms. Li, her ex-boyfriend was trying to unearth some of these past mistakes that were buried long ago.

In 2010, Ms. Li and her then boyfriend Mr. Wong had traveled to the United Kingdom on vacation. They were staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel in the center of the city but what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing trip abroad was beginning to sting with festering suspicions of infidelity. When you’re attached to someone for every minute of the day, traveling, sleeping and seeing the city together, you may begin to notice tendencies and habits you never noticed before. Maybe names are coming up on their phone you’ve never seen before, or text messages are being answered to mysterious parties more frequently than what seems normal. We’re not saying that Ms. Li was the jealous type, but Ms. Li had noticed a pattern that she wasn’t happy with.

One night, after celebrating their vacation with some drinks, as a happy couple does, Ms. Li felt the need to bring up her suspicions. From here, you may be able to guess the conflict that ensued. Her suspicions were not alleviated but exacerbated and her love quickly turned to anger in a half-drunken torrent of passion.

Ms. Li is not proud of her actions but when the police were called to settle their very public dispute, Mr. Wong had to decide whether he would press charges against Ms. Li or not. At the moment, understanding her pain and not willing to spend his night at the police department, Mr. Wong dropped the charges, signing a waiver that revoked his right to do so.

Months later, Mr. Wong was not happy with how this break up had gone and he wanted to get some leverage on Ms. Li. He decides that rather than try to negotiate with a woman he wronged, he would sue her on the very assault charges he dropped so many months ago.

Mr. Wong and Ms. Li are both living in California and their case will be tried in the United States instead of the United Kingdom. Ms. Li has representation but the lawyers she has hired are from Taiwan and speak her native language. They did not have a full understanding of the laws in the UK or the U.S. so they’ve decided to contact Tsang and Associates, hoping they could provide the final piece that could get this case dismissed.



We agreed to write a legal opinion letter, but to be honest, we were not expecting three thousand pages of documents to come to our door the next day. A detailed record of their relationship, their break up, their communications, their history, and travel laid bare on the page. Our team worked tirelessly to sort through and read every relevant document until we felt we understood the full breadth of the case.

Within a week, we felt confident with our opinion; it all boiled down to just a couple of pages in the end. While abroad, Mr. Wong agreed not to hold Ms. Li accountable for her actions. He signed away his right to press charges. Yes, this was in another country, but the papers he signed did not specify where, it specified the people and the possible charges. No matter where or when Mr. Wong had no right to sue Ms. Li for this incident and Ms. Li need not be held accountable for these actions.

As a courtesy, seeing as our opinion boiled down to only a few pages, we only charged the law firm 10% of what we originally quoted them. They were stunned by our generous offer, knowing that they had dropped hundreds of pounds of papers on our doorstep, but we didn’t feel right charging them full price when the outcome seemed so simple in the end.



We won’t take all of the credit here since we were partnering with another firm, but we can definitively state, it feels nice being proven right. Ms. Li and Mr. Wong’s case did not see the light of day. It was thrown out on the first day of court for the exact reasons we had stated. We’re certain that with the confidence given to the attorneys by our opinion letter, the judge was quick to dismiss this old couple’s squabble and everyone was happy to let the past lay buried.