I-751 Approved Despite Couple Living in Separate States

I-751 Approved Despite Couple Living in Separate States

  • Applicant: Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez
  • Case Type: I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
  • Processing Time: 18 months
  • Challenges:
    1. The couple did not live in the same residence due to jobs being in separate states
    2. The couple had filed taxes separately; taxes had also been filed late
    3. The Ramirez’s needed more documentation to prove they were a couple—they had limited photos or paperwork to confirm their bonafide marriage


Sometimes married couples are forced to live in an unconventional manner for a period of time, due to various factors such as a career or an educational opportunity. Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez were in fact living in two separate states during their marriage due to their respective jobs. This, however, was not an indication of the immense love they shared for one another. On the contrary. Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez were making a temporary sacrifice to strengthen their marriage by securing their financial stability. When the time came for Mrs. Ramirez to apply for the conditions on her permanent residence to be removed, her marriage was viewed under scrutiny and was not considered legitimate.

This was a shock to both of them since they were in a committed relationship and their marriage was one of trust and love. They were under scrutiny for a few reasons. Mrs. Ramirez had filed her taxes separately for two years because she was in school, as filing separately was easier for her, and she had no idea she would be penalized. Moreover, because of his work, her husband lived out of state in Arizona. Also, since they were unable to live together because of their work, they had little documentation of their life together; not many photos, or records of their relationship. Mrs. Ramirez also had an arrest on her record for fighting in high school, which was working against her. The Ramirez’ were concerned that Mrs. Ramirez would never receive permanent residency in the United States. They needed help and had to figure out how to prove that they were indeed a legitimate couple, but they did not know where to begin, until they got in touch with Tsang & Associates.


To help the Ramirez’, who were in a committed marriage but had a few issues that weighed against them, we spent time coaching them on what they needed. We gave them a specific checklist of documentation they could gather to prove they were a real couple. We knew that living together would help them, as well as coaching for their interview. This process took around one and a half years. But, in time, they made the important steps. Mr. Ramirez moved from Arizona into his wife’s new residence, and they signed the lease together. They documented their life together and submitted that evidence. We encouraged them to be very honest in their interview to show that circumstances were at play in their situation, and believed that their honesty would reveal their commitment to each other.


Their interview lasted approximately fifteen minutes and Mrs. Ramirez was approved for permanent residency. The specific checklist that we provided to present their case was very helpful for the Ramirez’ and we were glad to spend the additional time to help them prove their marriage was legitimate. Mrs. Ramirez was granted lawful permanent residency and all the evidence demonstrated that Mrs. Ramirez had entered her marriage in good faith with Mr. Ramirez. Now the Ramirez’ could live peacefully and happily together and enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity

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