Green Card For Married Couple Who Needed Second Sponsor

Green Card For Married Couple Who Needed Second Sponsor

  • Beneficiary: Mr. Kevin Chen
  • Petitioner: Tiffany Chen
  • Seeking: Adjustment of Status (Green card)
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Challenges:
    • Tiffany and Kevin are both just out of college thus have no job, no steady income, and no assets which will make the application more difficult
    • Had just gotten married, which meant they did not have a lot of documents that showed they built a life together
    • Tiffany is supposed to sponsor Kevin but she cannot financially support Kevin. This means Kevin will need a second sponsor
    • Kevin came to the US on a 90-day tourist visa and has overstayed his allowed time



    A lot of people see a film and think that the actors are the most important part of the movie, but if you’ve ever been to a real film set, you’ll see that the crew outnumbers the actors ten to one. A good grip & electric team helps a good lighting team who helps a good camera department while sound basically does its own thing. When you’re making a movie, you need a big group of dependable workers who you can trust. You’ll spend sixteen hours a day with them, sharing a bunk bed and sharing every meal. That’s exactly how Kevin and Tiffany met.

    Kevin and Tiffany were both studying filmmaking at UCLA. A core group of six students created a hodge podge production crew, rented gear from the school and went around shooting documentaries together. Tiffany was a talented lighting technician while Kevin was great with electricity and grip. Together, they made their director and cinematographer very happy. In just a few months, they were seen as a duo, always going to set together, sharing gear and working with an unspoken psychic bond.

    It didn’t take long for this professional connection to turn into a romantic connection. Having spent months together making movies, as soon as they started dating, they quickly fell in love.

    Four years later, they’ve graduated from school and Kevin’s student visa has ended. Kevin went back to China to see his family but he couldn’t stop thinking about his girlfriend back in the US. He applied for a tourist’s visa so he could see her and flew to her home in Nebraska as soon as he could. His visa only allowed him to stay for 90 days but his heart forbade him from leaving her side. That’s when Kevin realized he wanted to be with Tiffany for the rest of his life. He proposed to Tiffany and she said yes.

    They were married in a small church in Nebraska just a month later. Even though they had a fast turnaround, Kevin had already stayed more than 90 days and he knew that this would hurt his application when he tried to change his visa status. That’s when Kevin and Tiffany came to Tsang and Associates to help with his green card application.



    The first thing we look at when addressing a green card application is illustrating a life built together through joint documentation; do they own a home together, pay bills together, have a joint bank account or something along these lines. Unfortunately for these two college students, they didn’t have an apartment together yet, nor a car, nor a phone bill, nor a joint bank account. In fact, Tiffany and Kevin had next to nothing to their name. All they had were a bunch of films they made together.

    This is the most important part of the entire application. In order to prove that Tiffany and Kevin had a bonafide loving marriage, we needed to provide an abundance of documents showing their life together. While they weren’t quite joined financially, they had been joined together socially and what we did have is a lot of photos, texts, phone calls and e-mails between them over the last four years of their relationship. After school, Tiffany visited Kevin in Thailand where she went to the night market and the 101 Building. This wasn’t perfect, but it would suffice. It showed that they were overcoming obstacles to be together.

    What was more problematic is that Tiffany and Kevin had no job, no income, no assets and Tiffany was unable to support Kevin financially. This didn’t make the application impossible but it made it more difficult. Thankfully for Kevin, Tiffany’s father really liked him and it was obvious to Tiffany’s father how much they loved each other, so Tiffany’s father agreed to be a second sponsor on Kevin’s application, vowing to support him financially and residentially if need be.

    Lastly, Tiffany and Kevin would need to go in for an interview with a USCIS officer. We provided them a full sheet of possible and probable questions they might need to answer and thoroughly prepared them for the interview over the phone.



    Kevin was approved for his adjustment of status on the same day of their interview. This application only took five months, which in 2019, is incredibly fast. Not only was this fast, but Tsang and Associates were thorough every step of the process as well.

    Now, Kevin and Tiffany have their whole lives ahead of them. They’ve decided to move back to California to work in film and are continuing to be the great lighting/loving team they have been over the past four years of their young lives. This would not have been possible without the help of Tsang and Associates.

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