TN Visa for IT Analyst

Foreign Degree IT Systems Analyst Granted Three-Year US TN Visa

TN visas are for professionals of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is provided to eligible citizens of Canada and Mexico.

Applicant: Mr. Abed
Country/Region: Canada
Application category: TN Visa for IT Analyst
Duration: one week

Difficulties in this case:
The applicant’s bachelor’s degree was obtained outside the United States
The applicant’s previous work experience is different from the position currently applied for

Background introduction:
Mr. Abed went through hardships and finally found a satisfactory job as he wished——to work as a computer system analyst in a famous IT company in the United States. In addition to personal intentions, the company’s major customers are also very attractive to Mr. Abed. In terms of visas, Mr. Abed did not want to take risks, so he sought legal support from Tsang & Associates.

Keys to success:
It is a matter of future and destiny. Our firm works hand in hand with Mr. Abed to provide one-stop legal services. Firstly, Mr. Abed was provided with a list of documents detailing all the documents required for the application; secondly, to ensure that Mr. Abed’s responsibilities would not raise questions from customs (CBP) officials, we worked closely with both parties to review the contents of the employment letter. Conducted a comprehensive and detailed assessment with the employer’s company background, and confirmed that the position offered by the US employer meets the requirements of the TN visa. In addition, although Mr. Abed’s CV already looked very good, it was carefully evaluated and further improved, and a sample reference letter was provided so that others can attest to Mr. Abed’s professional experience.

The biggest difficulty we face is that Mr. Abed’s bachelor’s degree was obtained outside the United States and Canada. In other words, although Mr. Abed has the degree required for the TN visa, it is invalid for the TN visa application. Through our guidelines, Mr. Abed applied for an equivalency assessment certification. In this way, doubts about whether Mr. Abed’s bachelor’s degree obtained abroad meets the TN visa requirements can be dispelled.

In addition, we have thoroughly prepared for Mr. Abed’s interview at CBP in Vancouver. Often, without adequate preparation, the entire interview process can feel like walking on eggshells. We not only explained the problems that Mr. Abed might encounter during the interview, but also conducted a mock interview preview. After many exercises, Mr. Abed felt that he would be more comfortable and confident in front of the interviewer.

Case results:
In just one week, we completed a series of services including providing Mr. Abed with a list of all documents required for the application, consulting and communication, obtaining additional assessment certificates, interview guidance and interview rehearsal. Our efforts were not in vain. After an interview with CBP in Vancouver, Mr. Abed was granted a three-year TN visa! Mr. Abed was overjoyed and expressed his sincere thanks for our professional service. Since then, Mr. Abed has opened the door to struggle for this hard-won job in the United States.


*To protect customer privacy, customer names are pseudonyms.

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