Receive Express I-131 Reentry Permit In Three Weeks

Express I-131, receive reentry permit in three weeks

Trump administration, green card holders, permanent residence overseas, stay abroad for 6 months, reentry permit,
Under the pressure of the Trump administration’s stricter policies, lawyer Zang hereby recommends that green card holders who live overseas and plan to stay abroad for 6 months or more should apply for a reentry permit before leaving the United States.

Nationality: Chinese
Applicant: Miss Wu

2019/04/01 Contact a lawyer and choose express service
2019/04/02 FedEx submits I-131 reentry permit application
2019/04/03 Received by the Immigration Bureau
2019/04/12 Enroll fingerprints at the Fingerprint Center of the Immigration Bureau
2019/04/26 I-131 approved, the law firm received a reentry permit

Case process:
Ms. Wu obtained a green card in 2017. After giving birth in the United States in 2019, she planned to take her baby back to her natal home for a year to recuperate. However, she did not know that she did not have a return to the United States a few weeks before leaving the country. If she left the United States for more than half a year, her green card might be revoked. Risk, under the increasingly strict policy of the Trump administration, Ms. Wu asked many friends and found that many people have been made things difficult by customs officers because of their long departure time, and even revoked their green cards.

Ms. Wu began to feel flustered, because her return ticket had already been booked, and the contract with the confinement wife and the landlord was about to expire. If she could not return home on time, it would cause a lot of trouble. How to quickly process the I-131 re-entry permit application within two weeks has become an urgent problem to be solved. Introduced by a friend, she contacted Zang Dikai United Law Firm (Tsang & Associates) and chose the express service. After understanding her itinerary, Lawyer Zang told her not to worry. We will cooperate with the time and assist her in handling the whole case to ensure She was able to return home on time and avoid unnecessary troubles.

On April 2, the team of Zang Dikai United Law Firm (Tsang & Associates) efficiently sorted out the case, sent it by FedEx Express, and the Immigration Bureau received it the next day. On April 12th, we applied for urgent fingerprinting for Ms. Wu, and a special person accompanied Ms. Wu to the fingerprint center of the Immigration Bureau to enter fingerprints (note: usually it takes 5 weeks from submission to fingerprinting, and fingerprints must be completed within 2 weeks) Urgent) , so far, Ms. Wu’s application for the re-entry permit to the United States has been successfully completed, and she successfully caught up with the plane on the 14th to return home. On April 26, the law firm successfully received Ms. Wu’s US reentry permit, and will send it back to her address in China by FedEx as soon as possible.

It took only three weeks from the decision to expedite the service to the final receipt of the re-entry permit. Ms. Wu was very satisfied with the efficient and professional handling of the case by Tsang & Associates.

Comments from Zang Dikai United Law Firm:
Since the Trump administration came to power, it has not only tightened the policy on non-immigrant visas, but also has an unfriendly attitude towards green card holders who have left the country for a long time. What happened to Ms. Wu’s friend in the article is also the experience shared by many of our guests. Therefore, lawyer Zang hereby recommends that green card holders who live overseas and plan to stay abroad for 6 months or more should apply for a re-entry permit before leaving the United States, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country smoothly, and may even lose their green card.

It should be noted that the latest trial progress on the official website of the Immigration Bureau shows that the trial time for the re-entry permit is about 4 to 6 months. Ms. Wu in this case was very lucky to receive the reentry permit within one month, while other applicants received it in about 4-5 months. During the trial period, the applicant does not need to wait in the United States. After submitting the application and fingerprinting, the applicant can leave. Our law firm will send it to the applicant after receiving the reentry permit.

If you live overseas and need to apply for a fast-track return to the United States, please contact Tsang & Associates. We will try our best to cooperate with your time and have a special person accompany you to complete the fingerprinting to assist you in handling the entire case efficiently and properly.

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