E-2 Visa Approved for $60,000 Investment in Cleaning Company

E-2 Visa Approved for $60,000 Investment in Cleaning Company

Year of company establishment. 2017
Industry. Cleaning Services
Number of employees. 2 people
Investment amount. $60,000
Applicant. Ms. Zhang
Applicant Position. General Manager / Founder

– Self-application for E-2 has been rejected
– Investment capital is only 60,000 USD
– Applicants have difficulty communicating in English
– Startup small cleaning service company
– The only employee at the time of application submission is the applicant’s business partner
– The company is located in a small apartment in a residential area
– Early investments were limited to company vehicles and small amounts of marketing
– Ms. Zhang and her business partner have no experience in the cleaning industry
– The company has no active regular customers and the monthly profit is less than $1700
– There are many strong competitors in the industry

Even the most difficult cases can be overcome with the right professional legal strategy and be successful. Ms. Zhang came to Tsang & Associates with a last-ditch attitude because this case was unique and her own E-2 application had been denied. From the above list of difficulties in this case, we can see how difficult this case is. However, our professional team is confident that with strong legal strategy and professional documentation We were able to win the case with strong legal strategy and professional documentation.

Application Requirements.
– The treaty investor must acquire the nationality of the treaty country
– The invested company must be a real U.S. company with actual operations, not a “shell company”
– Large and irrevocable amount of money invested in the business
– Investments must not be marginal
– Investors must be able to develop and manage the company
– The investor must intend to leave the country at the end of the E-2 visa period

Tsang & Associates was able to find solutions to the six requirements and successfully helped the applicant meet all six requirements.

1. Nationality of the treaty State
Tsang & Associates took a two-pronged approach to prove that the applicant was eligible for the program. First, Taiwan is a trade treaty area and Ms. Chang is from Taiwan and is eligible for an E2 visa. Second, as the founder of the business and a business owner, the applicant has absolute control over the company. Therefore, we are sure that This company belongs to a trade treaty country (region) and meets the requirements for foreign company ownership.

2. Proof of real and active business
Tsang & Associates offers a wide range of services by providing documentation (e.g., company bank statements, company photos, business licenses, and different contracts with clients) to demonstrate that the company is indeed serious about its business. At the same time, we highlight that the company expects a significant period of strong growth, doubling its net income within two years. The key point is to point out that not every company needs a big start or a spacious office environment. Nike, for example, is a well-known brand today, with a large company and many branches, but it started in a small garage.

3. Substantial and irrevocable investment amount
Tsang & Associates analyzed this condition as important because the USCIS was concerned that the investment was merely a risky venture. To refute this belief, we broke down Ms. Zhang’s investment. We showed bank statements and purchase contracts to prove that Ms. Zhang had indeed invested a lot in the purchase of administrative supplies, lease payments, and marketing expenses. One of the big challenges in this case was that the company had invested most of its money in a vehicle, rather than in work equipment tied to cleaning services. Our legal team argued that the vehicle was purchased to better promote the company’s business and serve a wider area.

4. higher than marginal investment
In fact, an investment amount of only $60,000 is very small. However, Tsang & Associates suggests that avoiding being considered a marginal investment under federal regulations requires proof of income in excess of the cost of living for the individual and family, as well as the potential to make a significant contribution to future economic development. Therefore, the key point to solve this problem is to create a proper business development plan. The plan needs to detail and analyze the company’s financial investments and growth potential. The business team of Tsang & Associates prepared a detailed and sound business plan for Ms. Zhang. It covered two major points: the company’s revenue was expected to grow at a healthy and steady rate over the next few years, well in excess of the marginal investment amount; and Ms. Zhang’s investment would create additional full-time or contract jobs for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

5. Ability to develop and manage businesses
To demonstrate that Ms. Zhang met this requirement, Tsang & Associates detailed Ms. Zhang’s extensive experience and expertise in finance and treasury. These experiences make her a qualified founder and general manager to manage the company’s business. We demonstrated that her job responsibilities (including managing budgets, overseeing company operations, implementing effective cost-saving programs, and making major decisions about company growth) were relevant to the development and management of the company. Therefore, the key point is to explain why it is essential that the applicant and her business partner have a background in running a successful company business.

6. Willingness to leave the country
One of the essential elements of the E-2 visa is the applicant’s intention to return to her home country at the end of the visa period. Tsang & Associates illustrated that Ms. Chang has extensive social and financial ties in Taiwan by presenting relevant documents such as her certificates and bank statements. In addition to this, we further proved that she had significant property interests overseas, including the production of documents proving her property in Taiwan.

After completing and submitting this case documents After completing and submitting the documents for this case, Tsang & Associates helped Ms. Zhang prepare for her interview process. As Ms. Zhang prepared for the interview, she felt extremely nervous and was unsure if she could adequately answer the interviewer’s questions. In fact, her limited English proficiency was one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Tsang & Associates is clear. Our role was not only to get the paperwork through, but we also wanted to make sure she would be successful in the interview. Therefore, we carefully and patiently assisted her in preparing and answering the interviewer’s questions in English. By listing the interview questions and answering them accordingly, and conducting a live rehearsal of the interview, we were able to better familiarize the applicant with the process and make progress. Ms. Zhang passed the interview at the consulate, and she was very grateful! She was very grateful because the pre-preparation program had a significant effect. She also said that the Tsang & Associates interview method was very useful!

Ms. Zhang’s E-2 visa went through on the same day without any additional file instructions. Our client was extremely satisfied. Today, Ms. Zhang has come to the United States to work as a successful investor.

*To protect privacy, the names of the parties involved in the case are pseudonyms.

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