Divorce Settled for Couple in one Mediation Session

Divorce Settled for Couple in one Mediation Session

  • Applicants: Yi Chu and Kan Chu
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Applying for: Divorce
  • Time: Completed in one session.
  • Challenges:
    • Couple had a Prenuptial Agreement.
    • Amend a Marital Settlement Agreement.
    • Tensions were high between both spouses.
    • Husband and wife both come from wealthy families.
    • Both spouses are fighting over custody of their precious dog.


Marriage is a time when two people can’t wait to start a life together as husband and wife and create lasting memories. Sadly, Ms. Yi Chu and Mr. Kan Chu, a couple that was once very much in love, came to realize that their relationship was gradually falling apart. The couple hardly communicated with each other, were fighting too much, and finally separated. But with time people change, and with change comes uncertainty, and by this point the couple decided to file for a divorce. They came to Tsang and Associates seeking legal advice because the couple had established a Prenuptial Agreement prior to entering marriage.



The keys to success in this legal matter consisted on a knowledgeable and caring attorney who kindly suggested that it was in the couples best interest to accept a Mediation Process that normally would take about five sessions, rather than go through the agony of a painful and lengthy divorce in a court of law, which in the end would only cost them more time and money, since the couple had many assets to consider.

As it was to be expected when dealing with a divorce, there was much bickering back and forth between the couple as to who gets to keep the house, the new silver Audi, how will joint bank accounts be divided, one of them demanded the return of expensive wedding gifts, the husband wanted to keep his watch of sentimental value, company phone numbers had to be transferred from the husband’s carrier to his wife’s carrier, and both wanted custody of their precious dog, and etcetera. Eventually, our attorney stepped in to avoid any further arguing and was able to convince the couple to go through a Mediation Process and the exhausted couple finally accepted his proposition.

Our attorney prepared an Amended Marital Settlement Agreement to present to the couple on their first Mediation session, which actually went smoothly as both spouses were satisfied with the demands that each asked for, and both spouses agreed to disclaim and waive any and all rights and interests in these assets. It was settled and the spouses resolved all issues and just wanted to return to their respective positions before marriage and move forward with their own lives’.



Thankfully, the divorce was completed in one Mediation session as opposed to five sessions because our attentive attorney got to know the couple throughout the course of this case, and ultimately helped ease a most painful and delicate divorce that in the end, turned out for the best.