Reconciling Share Certificates For Startup

Reconciling Share Certificates For Startup

Applicant: Mr. Ling

Applying for: Certificate Transfer of Shares

Time: April 2017 – October 2018 (a year and a half)


  • A great number of investors were involved at various stages
  • Investors were constantly dropping in and out
  • Various fees were being deducted from investor earnings



It can be difficult to conduct business, especially when it involves a group of people with different goals and ideas, which was the case for Mr. Ling. It all started in April 2017, when a group of investors created a platform through which to conveniently market events such as concerts and shows for big-name celebrities and performers. Throughout its startup period, however, a lot more notable industry names became involved in the project, while others cashed out– the result being a very convoluted record of share transfers and ownership percentages over the first few years. Thus, many of the high-profile investors soon found that they were getting various inexplicable fees deducted out of their gross totals, but were not sure what they could do to stop hemorrhaging profits without compromising the integrity of the platform they were so heavily involved in. A large portion of their earnings was being lost every time they received a payout, so they needed to be able to clear their share transfer documents as quickly as possible.

At a loss for ideas regarding how to resolve the share distribution issues, they knew they would have to bring in professional help– but were dismayed to discover how expensive that could be. When they finally came to us at Tsang & Associates, though, we were happy to offer them a degree of reassurance about all the complicated aspects of their case.



With our years of experience in financial litigation, we were able to immediately move forward with clearing their extensive list of transfers. We began by meticulously ascertaining the exact ownership percentages of each contributing investor at the current time (while also scrutinizing the long list of past investors). From there, we concisely showed that one of the majority shareholders, Mr. Chen, agreed to clear 15,000 shares as a non-monetary transaction to another investor (Mr. Ling), effectively accounting for all the shares that had changed hands recently. Through our team’s comprehensive thoroughness and tenacity, we were able to present a simple, yet incredibly effective picture of this company’s rather complex trade dealings over the past several months.

After having established the various investment percentages and share ownerships, we assisted in devising ways that the investors could mitigate the fees that were being cut out of their income– resulting in them taking home more of the money they are entitled to.



In October of 2018, we were able to clear their shares transfer document– all the investors were incredibly happy to have their finances sorted out. Thanks to our efforts, the investing artists began receiving much bigger cuts of their profits without them having to adjust their performance schedules whatsoever. They were grateful for all the knowledge and help Tsang & Associates provided to them during this difficult time.

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