B-2 Visa for Financial Consultant Interested in U.S. Entrepreneurship

B-2 Visa for Financial Consultant Interested in U.S. Entrepreneurship

  • Applicant: Mr. Cho
  • Country/Region: Hong Kong, China
  • Applying for: E-2 Visa/B1B2 Visa
  • Challenges:
    • Business is too much like a start-up business
    • Not enough capital or investment into the company
    • Lengthy application process


Mr. Cho had dreamed of starting a financial consulting company in the United States. He was a successful business executive in Hong Kong and wanted to share his talents by going to America. Mr. Cho decided to apply for an E-2 Visa, which is a Visa for entrepreneurs that allows a business to enter and work inside of the United States. This type of work Visa is usually based on an investment in the U.S., and is good for three months to five years (depending on the country of origin) and can be extended indefinitely. Mr. Cho was confident that he would get his Visa approved because he was so successful in Hong Kong.

As Mr. Cho opened the letter from the USCIS, his heart had dropped. Instead of the happy news, he was waiting to hear, he had found out that his Visa was denied. USCIS mentioned that the reason for the denial was because his business was too much a start-up, and there was not enough capital or investment to warrant a visa. This type of decision can make it difficult for executives to start companies in the U.S.; one needs to make capital in the U.S., and if a Visa is denied, those first steps are impossible. Mr. Cho was devastated and did not know where to turn until Mr. Cho had heard of Tsang & Associates through business colleagues. Knowing the firm had a strong reputation for helping clients and often succeeding, he contacted us with his issue.



After we analyzed his situation, we knew there was a way to help him. Tsang & Associates are highly experienced in these types of problems regarding an E-2 Visa. We decided that we first needed to help him develop a Plan B until his Visa could get approved. In lieu of the E-2 Visa, Mr. Cho was approved for the B1-B2 Visa, where one can stay in the U. S. for up to six months. This gave him the time to develop contacts in America and to strategize how he was going to develop his company. While he was on the B1-B2 Visa, trying to develop connections in America we applied for the E-2 Visa continuously until it was approved.



With the B1-B2 Visa, Mr. Cho was given the time to develop a business idea and contacts in America, and he continuously did that. One day he opened a letter from USCIS and found that all his hard work in the United States had paid off because his E-2 Visa was approved. Now Mr. Cho is finally able to build his company in the United States. If it was not for Tsang & Associates, Mr. Cho would have never achieved his American dream.