TN Visa for Electronics Engineer

TN Visa for Electronics Engineer

  • Applicant: Mr. Arthur
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Applying for: TN Visa Application
  • Industry: Mobile and Automotive Industry
  • Company: Electronics Company from Hong Kong
  • Case Type: TN Visa
  • Time: One week
  • Challenges:
    • Client wanted to transfer from Hong Kong to the United States.
    • Company and Client was preparing for different types of visas L1A, L1B, H1B before considering the TN because they did not know this was an option
    • We needed to prove that his degree was similar to an Engineering degree.
    • Needed to obtain letters from employers.
    • Proved that post training such as Quality Assurance Certificate to bolster his qualifications
    • Proved that Mr. Arthur qualified for the position as Engineering Manager


    Mr. Arthur worked as an Engineer Manager for an Electronics Company, multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Mr. Arnold’s temporary work assignment in the United States ended on December 8, 2017, and therefore, had to leave the country upon completion of his assignment and return to Hong Kong. Mr. Arthur found himself in a desperate situation because he very well understood the urgency of finding an attorney who could help him obtain the proper visa that would allow him the opportunity to transfer his employment back to the U.S. to continue to work in the United States. Feeling hopeless and not knowing what to do, Mr. Arthur reached out to Tsang and Associates, with hopes that we might be able to help him find a solution to his dilemma. We were confident enough to pursue the case and worked vigorously to find a solution for our client. After discovering Mr. Arthur had a Canadian background, we were able to file a TN Visa application for Mr. Arnold, as we helped prove that he met all the professional legal requirements under the North American Free Trade Agreement guidelines. Within a week, he was able to come into the United States from Canada.



    Although Mr. Arnold’s temporary work assignment ended, he strongly desired to continue his employment in the United States. Tsang and Associates was aware of the challenges we were up against. The fact that Mr. Arnold, a native of the Philippines, did not come from a western country made it all the harder for the applicant to get a visa. However, during the ongoing process we worked hard to prove that Mr. Arnold’s bachelor’s degree was equivalent to one in Engineering. Mr. Arthur earned his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1990, which demonstrated that he was well qualified under the educational requirements. In addition, we were able to present an Academic Equivalency Evaluation to show that Mr. Arnold’s bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Management. We were further able to prove that Mr. Arthur was fully qualified for the position as an Engineering Manager, because he had over ten years of experience and knowledge in the Mobile and Automotive Industry. We also obtained letters from his employers who stated that Mr. Arthur was a team player who did his job with an “I can attitude” and was overall a reliable hard worker. We highlighted key facts that demonstrated that Mr. Arthur fully met all the legal requirements that qualified him for the Engineering Manager position, based on the North American Free Trade Agreement professional requirements guidelines. Moreover, we proved that his post baccalaureate training included a Quality Assurance Certificate our client earned from Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Once we found out that Mr. Arthur could apply for a TN Visa based on his Canadian background, he was able to come into the United States from Canada within a week. Overall, our legal team successfully provided all the necessary documents to back up and support our case.



    Although it seemed that all the odds were against Mr. Arnold, who was on the verge of losing all hope of ever obtaining the proper visa to work in the U.S., we worked strategically to win this case. When we learned of Mr. Arnold’s Canadian background, we were able to get him a TN Visa that allowed him entry to the United States from Canada, and he continued his work in the U.S. as an Engineer Manager.

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