Reversing Rejection of L-1B for New Job Seekers

Reversing Rejection of L-1B for New Job Seekers

Year: December 2018
Nationality: Chinese
Beneficiary: Ms. Hu
Company Industry: International large retailer
Beneficiary Position: Marketing Account Manager


Ms. Hu’s previous L-1B visa petition was denied by the consulate.
Ms. Hu had worked for a Chinese company for only 3 years after graduating from university and the visa officer questioned her qualifications for the position of marketing account manager in a large company.
The salary offered by the American company to Ms. Hu was well above the average, and the high salary again aroused the suspicion of the visa officer.
reapplication, the U.S. company insisted on using the original attorney, who was more negative because he thought the chances of getting the resubmission through were lower.
With her limited English skills and the unpleasant experience of being rejected for a previous visa, Ms. Hu was overwhelmed with anxiety about reapplying.

After graduating from college, Ms. Hu was fortunate enough to work for a large international retailer. Due to her excellent business skills, she was selected for the China company’s reassignment program and was given the opportunity to assist in developing new marketing projects in the United States. As a candidate, Ms. Hu treasures this valuable opportunity to work in the U.S., which not only enhances her professional skills, but also provides her with a broader platform for career development.

However, her first L-1B visa interview ended in failure because she was unable to express herself clearly and provide relevant documents to prove her professional ability at the consulate interview. While looking at the smiling faces of others, Ms. Hu was very sad that she was going to lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The U.S. company agreed to help Ms. Hu apply again, but insisted on using the original lawyer to deliver the documents, and the former lawyer believes that the chances of resending through the lower. She decided to engage Tsang & Associates as her advisor to provide her with guidance on the entire L-1B re-petition process, which helped her to successfully obtain her L-1B visa to work in the United States.


1. Reorganize materials & improve quality, increase applicant confidence
After the L-1B petition was filed, Ms. Hu’s original attorney was concerned about being rejected again. After the L-1B petition was filed, the USCIS approved it very smoothly. The next step was the consulate interview, which Ms. Hu was most apprehensive about.

2. Familiar with the interview process & master the interview skills
Through the interview notes and rejection form provided by Ms. Hu, it is easy to see that she urgently needs to improve her interviewing skills, and expressing herself accurately and confidently in front of the visa officer is one of the key points to pass the interview. In Ms. Hu’s case, our team prepared a detailed interview data sheet for her, including an analysis of the reasons for her failure in the first interview, feedback and suggestions, as well as a detailed Q&A for the second interview, with questions and answers that she might encounter in the L-1B interview for her reference. In addition, we also provided her with guidance on how to respond properly when the visa officer questioned her position and salary. When Ms. Hu went to the interview, she was inexperienced and did not know how to combine the application documents submitted to USCIS with the interview questions, and she did not know how to answer the questions in a more concise and reasonable manner. Our interview data report shows that she was able to better understand the interview process, rationalize her answers, and feel better about her second attempt.

3. Professional bilingual interview counseling
“Mock interviews” are a professional service provided by Tsang & Associates for clients who need a visa interview. Ms. Hu’s English is limited, so she usually has a Chinese lawyer to counsel her and communicate the details of the interview. In the mock interview session, a native English-speaking professional legal assistant was available to help her better practice her speaking skills and overcome the psychological barrier caused by the language.


Ms. Hu’s second interview was scheduled in December 2018 at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, and because she had already made adequate preparations, she successfully passed the visa on the spot. She was very glad that she had found Tsang & Associates as her professional advisor, who not only provided her with professional interview counseling during the interview, but also provided many professional and constructive comments during the preliminary stage of the USCIS application, which improved the quality of the original attorney’s application. The quality of the documents was improved. After passing the interview, Ms. Hu consulted with her husband on his L-2 application and was soon granted a visa, after which the couple happily went to the U.S. to start a new chapter in their career.

Many clients inevitably feel nervous during the interview, especially during the work visa interview, where the visa officer will ask detailed questions about the applicant’s company, occupation, daily job duties, etc., to prevent falsification. If the applicant is not familiar with the process beforehand, which leads to hesitation and stammering in the answers, it may increase the risk of failure. Tsang & Associates understands the importance of the consular interview process and the applicant’s feelings, and has counseled numerous immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants to successfully pass the consular interview. If you have any questions about the L-1B visa for multinational professionals or work category visas and would like to seek professional legal advice, please call Tsang & Associates to schedule an appointment.

*To protect customer privacy, customer names are pseudonyms.

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