Resolving Unwanted I-407 Abandonment Of Green Card

I-407 was noted in the passport, and the green card was successfully cleared after leaving the United States for 10 months

Epidemic situation, overseas green card holders, entering the United States,
Under the epidemic, many green card holders overseas were unable to return to the United States as originally planned, and encountered various difficulties in entering the United States.

Year: October 2020
Nationality: Chinese
Applicants: Mr. Zhou & Mrs. Zhou

Difficulties in this case:
After the two applicants obtained the temporary green cards in 2018, they only came to the United States for a short period of time each year, and they were out of card status ;
Was warned by the customs on I-407 , still has not issued a reentry permit, and left the country again for more than 10 months;
Only a few documents to prove their connection with the United States, no real estate, no fixed address;
The husband and wife have a stable job in China, and they cannot end their work and return to the United States to live in the past five years;
The applicant enters from Los Angeles, and the US address is in another state;
The two applicants have little knowledge of the United States and do not understand English.

Brief background:
After obtaining the green card, Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou often stayed in China for family and work reasons. They were warned by the customs when they entered the New Year in 2020, and I-407 was marked on the passport. Since they did not know anything about the reentry permit, the two returned to China again without applying for the reentry permit. Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou planned to return to the United States in August of the same year. Because they were warned by the US customs, they felt very anxious and worried that their green cards would be confiscated.

After searching online and reading relevant articles and successful cases of Tsang & Associates, Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou contacted us, hoping that we could help them return to the United States safely, especially since Mr. Zhou is the main applicant. His green card was revoked, and the child’s green card was lost. Knowing that the situation of the two clients is complicated and the possibility of their green cards being confiscated is high, we have held talks with the clients many times to make the most adequate preparations for their entry.

Keys to success:
– First, Tsang & Associates helped Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou prepare supporting documents. Since the documents of the two clients traveling in the United States are few, only the most basic bank accounts and tax forms, we must provide very sufficient materials to explain the reasons for long-term departure and prove the economic and family constraints in the United States. We first provided the departure materials of the two clients, including the hospital diagnosis records of Mr. Zhou’s mother, and the documents for Mr. Zhou’s return to China for official business. These materials show that the two clients are temporarily staying in China due to family and work reasons. Then we provided the information of the client’s relatives in the United States, including the admission letter of the child’s school in the United States, the internship certificate, etc., which fully proved that Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou’s family are still very closely connected with the United States, and they never planned to give up their residence in the United States. .

– Before entering the country, lawyer Zang communicated with the customs about the case of Mr. Zhou and his wife, and adjusted the direction of preparations for entering the country according to the results of the communication. In addition, I prepared a lawyer’s letter and letter of appointment for Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou, explaining the complex situation of the two clients and their strong desire to return to the United States, as well as the legality of their entry and the legitimacy of retaining their green cards. Zang Dikai United Law Firm (Tsang & Associates) skillfully used relevant laws and regulations to prove the legality of Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou as green card holders to enter the United States, eliminating the adverse effects of his long-term residence abroad. At the same time, we also emphasized that Mr. Zhou will learn his lesson, and he will abide by the law and live in the United States as a resident for a long time; when he returns to China to visit his mother, he knows that he needs to apply for a reentry permit. Not only that, during the entry process, lawyer Zang is always ready to explain and support the client on behalf of the client and the customs.

– Finally, Zang Dikai United Law Firm (Tsang & Associates) arranged a one-on-one interview with the client, and provided Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou with a mock question-and-answer communication on entry. Since they had been warned by the customs and did not understand English, the two clients were very anxious about entering the customs and felt a lot of pressure. In order to help our customers overcome this challenge, we will ensure that customers are familiar with all the data and possible problems before entering the customs. We listed various questions that may be asked by the customs for the two clients, repeated the simulated scene question and answer several times, and made the best preparations to deal with the difficulty of the entry interview.

Case results:
Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou chose to depart and arrive at Los Angeles International Airport in October, and they passed the entry smoothly once. I was extremely worried that I would be questioned by the customs and my green card would be confiscated. After customs clearance, the two clients breathed a sigh of relief and immediately notified Tsang & Associates at the airport. Mrs. Zhou and Mr. Zhou especially thanked the team of lawyers Zang for their thorough preparations for their entry, giving them full guidance and communication, and all the prepared materials came in handy.

Lawyer Comments:
Under the epidemic, many green card holders overseas were unable to return to the United States as originally planned, and encountered various difficulties in entering the United States. In addition to staying abroad for a long time, if you need to go abroad frequently, a reentry permit has become a must. In addition, data that is closely related to the United States must be prepared, such as data on relatives in the United States, tax bills, banks, real estate, etc. If you have problems with losing your green card or keeping your green card, please feel free to contact us to arrange a case consultation.

海外绿卡人士如何入境及保卡,可点击收听臧迪凯联合律所(Tsang & Associates)在线讲座: 疫情后期最新绿卡入境及保卡秘籍 ?entry=2&entry_type=2002

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