Reentry for Green Card Holders After Living 6 Years Abroad

Reentry for Green Card Holders After Living 6 Years Abroad

Tsang & Associates recently helped a green card holder return to the United States with a green card after leaving the United States for many years.

Party: Ms. Sun

Application items: Green card holders keep their green cards after long-term residence abroad

Departure time: six years

Difficulties in this case:

• Although the applicant holds a green card, but has not entered the United States for up to 6 years
• Re-entry permit has long expired
• A variety of documents are required to explain the reason for leaving the country and to prove that the applicant has the intention to live in the United States permanently

Ms. Sun is an 80-year-old U.S. permanent resident who left the U.S. and lived overseas for 6 years. When she hopes to return to the U.S., she finds that her white paper (reentry permit) has already expired. When she re-enters the country, she may lose her U.S. status. permanent residency. When Ms. Sun entrusted Tsang & Associates law firm, considering Ms. Sun’s special situation, we suggested that Ms. Sun can continue to use her green card and re-enter the United States with the explanation of our lawyer. With the assistance of Joseph Tsang’s lawyer team, Ms. Sun arrived in the United States in November 2016, and successfully entered the country on the same day and retained her green card.

The key to the success of the case:

How to prove that the person’s overseas residence is unavoidable, the close connection with the United States, and the intention to return to the United States for a long-term residence? In the process of preparing the case, we listed the required legal documents in detail and assisted the applicant to prepare for the interview with the local customs in the United States, explaining that he left the United States for many years because he took care of his husband and could only return to live in the United States after his death. At the same time, We have prepared information about her relatives in the United States to prove that Ms. Sun has a connection with the United States. Based on humanitarianism, Ms. Sun should return to the United States to live with other relatives as soon as possible to help her get out of the grief of losing her husband. During the interview, we are always ready to represent Ms. Sun and the US Customs to explain Ms. Sun’s own situation and her intention to permanently reside in the United States.

Explain the reasons why Ms. Sun left the United States for 6 years

Ms. Sun took care of her sick husband for six years until her husband died of a serious illness. In order to prove the reasons for Ms. Sun’s departure, we prepared a number of medical certificates of Ms. Sun and provided evidence that Ms. Sun took care of her husband.

Evidence that Ms. Sun intends to permanently reside in the United States

An important part of the explanation, we emphasize that Ms. Sun has the intention of permanently residing in the United States. First of all, we propose that most of Ms. Sun’s family members are American citizens and have lived in California for many years. The 6-year departure from the United States is actually an emergency and does not intend to give up their permanent residency and promise that this entry will live permanently in the United States.

In the process of assisting Ms. Sun to prepare the case, we analyzed and prepared in detail all possible situations and coping methods that Ms. Sun will encounter when re-entering the country. During the entry interview, Attorney Zang was ready to explain to the US Customs on behalf of Ms. Sun at any time and provide more detailed documentation.

Ms. Sun arrived in the United States in November 2016 and successfully entered the country on the same day after meeting with the customs. She retained her permanent resident status and settled down in the United States.

Legal common sense

The green card is issued to the permanent residents of the United States (United States Permanent Resident Card). Its function is to prove that the cardholder is a legal permanent resident of the United States. When the cardholder leaves the United States for more than 6 months, there is a risk of losing his green card. It is recommended to apply for an I-131 reentry permit (also known as a white paper). But usually, the reentry permit is only valid for two years if you live overseas for a long time

In addition, the validity period of white papers for multiple applications may only be issued for one year. As a permanent resident of the United States who has lived overseas for a long time, if you need help in a similar situation, please contact our firm.

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