Prenuptial Agreement to Protect Both Partners

Legal Opinion Letter For Assault Charges To Be Dropped

  • Applicant: Howard Arevalo
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Case Type: Premarital Agreement (Negotiations)
  • Time: A couple of months.
  • Challenges:
    • The negotiation process took longer than anticipated
    • Our client invested a lot of money in his fiancée’s home and wanted what was fair
    • Constant bickering between client and his fiancée, thus prolonging the case


Mr. Howard Arevalo, an average hard-working man, fell in love with an independent and well-accomplished woman, whom he dated for quite some time, then asked her to marry him and she accepted. The excited couple was busy making plans for their wedding, honeymoon, and Mr. Arevalo invested time and money in fixing his fiancée’s house, where they plan to reside. However, it was during one of their conversations that his fiancée told him that she wanted to have a Prenuptial Agreement done, which caught Mr. Arevalo totally by surprise.

Mr. Arevalo spent days feeling hurt and confused with this unexpected situation, but mostly because his fiancée had hired an attorney who was already preparing a Premarital Agreement, so he decided to seek legal advice because he didn’t know what to do.

Mr. Arevalo came to Tsang and Associates and sat down for a consultation with one of our attorneys, who explained to him that it would be best if he agreed to a Premarital Agreement since his fiancée had already taken the proper steps in protecting her assets, so he too should protect everything he had invested in his fiancée’s house and any other personal assets of his. After listening to what our attorney had to say, Mr. Arevalo went ahead and retained our attorney to help him with the legal contract and negotiations.



The keys to success in this delicate case involved patience and understanding of what two people in love were going through months before their wedding day in dealing with the painful premarital agreement negotiations process to determine who gets to keep what assets, properties, and personal belongings in the event of a divorce. With this in mind, our attorney worked hard to create a reasonable Premarital Agreement that was suitable for our client, who had invested a lot of his money in his fiancé’s house, which most likely increased the value of her property. However, his fiancée disagreed with some of the terms and conditions and refused to sign. The couple was constantly bickering back and forth for what they believed was fair, which was hurting their love for each other. The negotiations process lingered back and forth between the fiancée’s attorney and ours, but our attorney continued to fight hard to ensure that our client received what he considered would be “fair” for him. Ultimately, our attorney did create a contract that satisfied our client who got what he wanted, and his fiancée seemed pleased with the contract but was not fully convinced.

Moreover, our attorney took it upon himself to inform the couple that, with the increasingly high divorce rates, more and more couples are turning to have a Prenuptial Agreement created for them. We told them that it was in their best interest to take care of this legal matter now because in doing so, they would be better off focusing their attention on creating a more harmonious marriage. If the couple did not figure this out at the beginning of the marriage it could lead to potential financial conflicts down the road, especially since it is their first marriage and neither one has children. Mr. Arevalo and his fiancée understood and appreciated what our attorney had to say, and eventually, both agreed to sign the contract.



The couple was able to put aside the bitterness they endured throughout this ordeal and in the end, realized that all that mattered was that they were truly in love and got married. Both parties signed the Premarital Agreement on June 19, 2019. Mr. Arevalo was beyond grateful to find attorneys who not only fought for what he believed in, but attorneys who looked out for his future. Without attorneys who were able to rationally figure out this situation, he and fiancée may have never ended up getting married.