TN Visa for Pharmacist Despite Salary Issue

TN Visa for Pharmacist Despite Salary Issue

Applicant: Ms. Zhuo
Country/Region: Canada
Application category: TN visa
Case duration: three weeks

The title is not pharmacist
The Position is similar to a consultant pharmacist, but not in a pharmacy or hospital
The position is similar to that of a consultant pharmacist, but not in a pharmacy or hospital.
• Salary is below the average for pharmacists

The interview process was torturous

Background introduction:
Ms. Zhuo just graduated from a prestigious school in Boston with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. With her hard-earned degree, Ms. Zhuo began her job search. By coincidence, she found a special job in California that focused on pharmacovigilance. This position required the knowledge of a pharmacist, but was not based in a pharmacy or hospital, but rather provided support to suppliers and health care workers in the area of drug safety. Ms. Zhuo quickly accepted the job and the next step was to obtain a TN visa in order to begin working legally in the United States.

When Tsang & Associates, PLC reviewed the title, position and duties, it was clear that the job did not appear to be for a doctor of pharmacy. In other words, this is a position that could be filled by an entry-level generalist without a doctorate in pharmacy. Any Customs and Excise (CBP) officer looking at the application would question this and it would be the basis for a quick rejection; this was the first difficulty. To
strengthen the basis for Ms. Zhuo’s application
We tried to work with her employer to clarify the ambiguous job duties so that the position clearly indicated that a PharmD was not required. Although the company was not willing to change the title, position, and responsibilities, they provided several letters and work samples to illustrate that the job required the skills of a pharmacist.

The second difficulty is the low salary. In the eyes of the public, pharmacists are highly paid and enviable, and will have a six-figure salary. Perhaps that is true for some senior pharmacists, but not for the vast majority of fledgling pharmacy school graduates. We anticipated that the customs officials would question Ms. Zhuo’s low salary, so we conducted a mock interview with her
We conducted a mock interview rehearsal to
so that she could answer questions about her low entry-level salary in a clear and concise manner. We also
provided detailed instructions on how to explain her job duties and
We also provided detailed instructions on how to explain job duties so that customs officers who were not familiar with the medical field could understand. In fact, pharmacovigilance (PV) includes the detection, evaluation, understanding, and prevention of adverse reactions or any other possible drug-related problems, such as substandard drugs, medication errors, reports of lack of effectiveness, use of drugs for unrecognized indications without adequate scientific basis, case reports of acute and chronic poisoning, evaluation of drug-related morbidity and mortality, drug abuse and misuse, and adverse interactions between drugs and chemical drugs, other drugs, and food. The work related to the evaluation of drug abuse and misuse, adverse interactions of drugs with chemical drugs, other drugs and food. Therefore, the barrier to entry is not that low for work related to it.

Ms. Zhuo attended the interview on Saturday, and if she passed successfully, she could not start work until Monday. If the interview is rejected, she will face re-buying her ticket, restarting the TN visa process and spending more sleepless nights.

During the interview, Ms. Zhuo encountered a difficult customs officer who, not surprisingly, delved into both the position and the low salary issue – mocking the low salary of the junior pharmacist and questioning her degree, achievements and skills. It wasn’t easy, but we helped Ms. Zhuo prepare well. Eventually, the difficult customs official issued the TN visa. Two days later, Ms. Zhuo was able to open the door to fight for this hard-earned job in the United States.

*Client name changed to protect identity

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