Programmer Meets O-1 Visa Criteria

Programmer Meets O-1 Visa Criteria

  • Applicant: Mr. Frank
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Applying for: Extraordinary Ability Work Visa
  • Case Type: O-1 Visa
  • Time: 3 months
  • Challenges:
    • Extremely difficult to get approved for an O-1 as a programmer
    • Proving what makes him extraordinary from the rest of the programmers
    • Finding and providing all of the necessary documents effectively


    Mr. Frank had worked for corporations in business software solutions and was considered an expert in his particular field. Technology tends to be incredibly specialized, and companies need workers to cover particular aspects of the job. His company wanted him to work as a senior consultant, in the field of systems implementation management. However, he needed a work permit to do so. For this, they set out to present a case for an extraordinary work permit to continue working for his company. This type of permit exists for a small percentage of people who have arrived at the top of their field, and have made major contributions to their field. This is highly desirable for large corporations because it eliminates duplicate functions and changes within the organization if they can maintain the particular expert’s role in a very specialized field. As mentioned before, only a small percentage of individuals can obtain this visa due to the many criteria for determining one’s extraordinary ability. Mr. Frank was lost in how to prove that he had an extraordinary ability as a programmer until he found Tsang and Associates.



    From the start, Tsang and Associates knew this was going to be a difficult case. It was known that for a job like programming the difficulty in trying to get this type of visa approved. There was also the problem that Mr. Frank was not very knowledgeable in this and did not know if he even met any of the criteria. Luckily for him, we were very experienced in the O-1 Visa and skilled in trying to figure out hard cases like this one. Mr. Frank had to meet at least 3 out of the 8 criteria for getting approved for the O-1 Visa, which is where our search began.

    Thoroughly delving into Mr. Frank’s background and examining documents, we had found that he had met some of the criteria needed. Mr. Frank had worked for quite a few Fortune 500 companies, and with that, lauded letters of recommendation from vice presidents, company colleagues, and esteemed friends who all stated how extraordinary Mr. Frank was. There were important brand names, including the Nike engineering department, who offered references for Mr. Frank. When analyzing his finances, we had discovered that he made more than most programmers; meeting the high salary criterion.

    While other law firms would put in the minimum number of exhibits needed, Tsang and Associates went beyond that. We put in an immense amount of time to make an exhaustive list of exhibits to illustrate Mr. Frank’s extraordinary contributions to society and the business community. His contributions had had a significant impact on the way businesses rely on technology, outperform their competition, comply with regulations, and manage risk. We had even found that Mr. Frank had judged others in his related field as well as contributed a scholarly article in his particular field and this level of expertise helped make his case. Another obstacle many individuals go through is being able to put all this information in a clear and effective manner for the USCIS. However, because we have so much experience doing this it took us no time in putting together his case and sending it out.



    Through compiling an exhaustive list of Mr. Frank’s achievements and involvements with businesses and colleagues in his field, we were able to prove that Mr. Frank indeed had extraordinary ability in his area of expertise, and was granted the work permit. Mr. Frank was in disbelief in how we got his case to get approved, knowing the difficulty of it. But he was also extremely grateful how meticulous we were in developing his case. Now Mr. Frank can further his career and further the advancement of business software solutions.

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