No Interview For B-2 Visa Of Elderly Couple Visiting Relatives In USA

The old couple went to the United States to visit relatives and B-2 visas without interviews were successfully approved

B-2, non-immigrant visa, to visit relatives in the United States,
B-2 is a non-immigrant visa, and the applicant cannot have any immigrant tendencies. In this case, Mr. Wu and his wife successfully obtained visas to visit relatives in the United States with the help of Zang Dikai United Law Firm.

Year: 2019
Nationality: Chinese
Applicant: Mr. Wu & Mrs.
Case: B-2 Visitor Visa

Difficulties in this case:
• Mr. Wu and his wife have retired for many years when they are over 80 years old, and their sons and daughters have emigrated overseas, and the binding force for returning home is very weak;
• Two elderly people suffer from chronic diseases. Mr. Wu had a major operation last year. Will he use American medical resources and other benefits after going to the United States;
• Mr. Wu and his wife have only traveled abroad once before, and have never been to other countries;
• The son and daughter are abroad, unable to help the elderly parents prepare visa documents.

Brief background:
Ms. Wu came to the United States 10 years ago and met her current husband. After getting married and having children, she got a green card. After she settled down in the United States, Ms. Wu always wanted to take her parents to the United States to travel and visit relatives. However, B-2 is a non-immigrant visa. The applicant cannot have any tendency to immigrate. However, he and his elder brother have both married and started businesses abroad. Their parents are old and need their children to take care of them. The binding force for them to return home is really weak. Not only that, although the age of the two elderly people met the conditions for visa-free application, Ms. Wu did not know how to organize the materials to make the materials more convincing and allow the visa officer to approve the parents’ visit visas. Therefore, on the recommendation of a friend, in November 2018, she approached Tsang & Associates for help, hoping that we could help her solve her problems and her family reunite in the United States smoothly.

Keys to success:
1. Make full use of materials to strengthen the binding force of returning home
Lawyer Zang made a list of documents according to the situation of Mr. Wu and his wife, and organized the documents they could provide in an orderly manner. Although Mr. Wu and his wife are old and their children are not developing in China, there are still materials to prove that the old couple do not want to immigrate, such as proving that they have a house, medical insurance, and generous pensions in China. Have your own comfortable retirement life in China. On the other hand, it also shows that the old man does not understand English and is too old to adapt to life abroad. He has declined many times before his children’s proposals to live together. Mr. Wu and his wife went abroad to visit their son’s family before and returned to China as scheduled. Also this time I only came to the United States for a short stay to visit my daughter’s family, and I will not stay in the United States.

2. Strengthen the necessity of going to the United States and clarify the purpose of going to the United States
Through communication with Ms. Wu, we learned that Ms. Wu is very busy with work and it is difficult to accompany her back home. Therefore, Ms. Wu has not been back for many years since the birth of her children. The pair of children and their parents have never met. Ms. Wu urgently hopes that their parents can come and see Look at grandchildren and granddaughters, enjoying family happiness.

Lawyer Zang instructed Ms. Wu’s husband to write a sincere invitation letter, planning the specific itinerary of the parents’ trip to the United States from beginning to end and attaching the itinerary, so that the visa officer can fully understand the activities of Mr. Wu and his wife during this trip He planned to agree with his parents to come to the United States for a short reunion this time.

3. Economic and financial situation
Mr. Wu and his wife are old, and it will be very difficult for them to travel long distances and have any sudden health problems during their stay in the United States. In order to dispel the doubts of the visa officer, in addition to preparing the financial information of Mr. Wu and Mrs. Zang, lawyer Zang instructed Ms. Wu and Mr. Wu to provide financial guarantees for their parents, promising to bear all the expenses of their parents during their stay in the United States, and also purchased a full amount of business for their parents. Insurance. In addition, we also provided the family information of Ms. Wu and Mr. Wu, proving that they live a stable and happy life in the United States, and their financial situation is very good, and they are fully capable of guaranteeing the trip of Mr. Wu and Mrs. Wu to the United States.

Case results:
Because Mr. Wu and his wife are over 79 years old and meet the age requirements for visa-free interviews, they do not need to go to the consulate for an interview in person. Therefore, after the B-2 family visit visa materials are prepared by Zang Dikai’s lawyer team for Mr. Wu and his wife, they will be sent to Mr. Wu in early December. And his wife, and gave detailed guidance on how to submit the application to the US Consulate through China CITIC Bank. Approval was obtained directly about 1 month after submission, and supplementary materials or supplementary interviews were not required. Ms. Wu’s family is very happy, and the parents are finally able to happily go to the United States to visit their daughter’s family. For this reason, Ms. Wu came here to express her gratitude to Tsang & Associates for their professional services, which allowed her to reunite with her parents and family smoothly.

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