Motion to Reopen Green Card Application after Errors

Motion to Reopen Green Card Application after Errors

Applicant: Sandler, New Jersey attorney
Case Type: Co-counsel for Motion to Reopen I-290B
Case duration: five months

Applications for reopening of cases must be prepared within one week.
Sandler attorneys provide free case reopening applications for their clients.
Reasons for denial of I-485 adjustment of status application: incorrect birth date, social security number and name change information in the initial application.
The USCIS has a high probability of denying a green card for improperly filing a petition in this case.

The USCIS denied the client’s I-485 application for adjustment of status, which surprised New Jersey attorney Sandler: all forms should have been filled out correctly, and the client was asked to double-check all the information on the forms before filing the application as a precaution. However, when Mr. Sandler went over the reasons for the denial with his client, he discovered that he had subconsciously entered his daughter’s birthday and social security number in the wrong fields for himself. In addition, the co-sponsor in this case had changed his name and had given his former name on the application without providing a reasonable explanation for the change or documentation to support it. With only a week to go, Mr. Sandler quickly prepared to file a reopening of the I-290B case for his client, but with little experience in this area, he approached Tsang & Associates, PLC online and asked us to serve as co-counsel on the reopening.

Because Attorney Sandler had little experience with motions to reopen, Tsang & Associates, PLC first provided a template and sample affidavit. In this way, Mr. Sandler had a general direction on how to handle the case. Second, because Mr. Sandler was working from home, he did not have enough resources to find case law that would apply to the case and strengthen the case, so we also provided the basic case law needed. In addition
As co-counsel, we not only provided a detailed list of discovery documents but also reviewed the affidavit drafted by Sandler’s attorneys and made suggestions for changes.

When Mr. Sandler sent the entire draft to Tsang & Associates, PLC for review prior to filing the petition for rehearing with the USCIS, our firm also acted as the final proofreader, and
We discovered a significant error in the form that would have resulted in an immediate USCIS denial had this last glimpse been missing. Throughout the preparation of the petition, Mr. Sandler “learned and learned” and Tsang & Associates, PLC “taught and taught” about the information required on the forms, the format of the supporting documents, and the process of reopening the petition. “He patiently answered questions and gave advice. In the end, we were able to assist Mr. Sandler in filing a motion for rehearing for our client within the one-week deadline.

The case went quiet for several months after attorney Sandler filed his application. Especially in the midst of the new crown epidemic, we anticipated a possible delay in case notification. We were so busy with our own clients that we beat our feet to the back of our heads, and the case faded into oblivion. However, five months later, joy came from heaven – a letter from Attorney Sandler saying that our guest’s reopening application was approved and that he was now preparing for his green card interview! This made the client and his wife and children feel that they could stay in the U.S. with relative peace of mind, even though they were in the middle of an eventful year.

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