Low Cost Divorce for Graduate Student Couple

Low Cost Divorce for Graduate Student Couple

  • Applicant: Mr. and Mrs. Bera
  • Applying for: Divorce
  • Challenges:
    • Couple lived far away
    • Couple wanted to divorce quickly and could not find the right firm to help them
    • Financial issues due to being in school for so long


As a married couple, one would assume the excitement of knowing you and your loved one are about to graduate. The idea that you and your partner are about to begin a new life together should have made them delighted. However, the truth, this is not always the case. Sometimes you do not find out till the end that you are just not meant to be together and this was the case for two graduate students, Mr. and Mrs. Bera. They had been married for five years and were nearly ready to finish school. However, their marriage hadn’t progressed in a way they’d planned, and both wished to divorce. Due to school expenses, the couple did not have too much money to spend on a divorce. They needed a law firm that would be able to file a divorce for a low cost and quickly, which was difficult to find. They spent six months looking for a lawyer, not quite finding the right firm to meet their very specific needs. It was frustrating because they knew what they wanted and were unable to find it. If both parties were on the same page, why should obtaining a quick, amicable divorce be such a hassle?



The couple found Tsang & Associates after they had researched countless firms. Through a referral, they got in touch with us with their specifics. One big obstacle the couple was facing was the finances. They did not want to send an excessive amount of money going to court, because they knew exactly what they had wanted. They also didn’t want to spend countless hours with attorneys discussing the details of their lives and possessions. The other obstacle the couple was facing was completing this divorce quickly. They had amicably agreed that they wanted to be apart, there was little anger between the two of them. They were both ready to move forward with their lives and needed a lawyer to help them do this.

When they spelled out what they wanted, we agreed that divorce should be a painless process. We offered them a flat fee for dual representation. We agreed to file the paperwork quickly, which was what they wanted. We were also able to waive the mediation fee, since their situation was relatively simple and there were no issues about possessions or any settlement—they were both in agreement that they simply wanted to divorce, and go their separate ways upon graduation.

This is a service that doesn’t really exist in the legal world, but we do it for a number of clients. It’s helpful for students, or other couples that want to divorce quickly, without hassle or exorbitant fees.



The couple could not believe how fortunate they were to receive help from a law firm like Tsang & Associates. This law firm had helped them experience as little drama as possible when filling out the divorce papers, and they had a reasonable fee. In addition, this firm had expedited all the paperwork to help them go on their separate ways and pursue their own career paths in peace.