Legal Opinions for Foreign Mortgage Loans and Fast Loan Approval in Four Days

Legal Opinions for Foreign Mortgage Loans and Fast Loan Approval in Four Days

Applicant: Mr. Dupont
Country/Region: France
Case Type: Legal Opinions for Foreign Mortgage Loans
Case duration: 4 days (expedited application)

Mr. Dupont was not aware of the specific requirements of the French bank for a legal opinion.
The looming time frame for Mr. Dupont’s loan application.
No communication between the law firm and the French bank.
The law firm provided a legal opinion to the French bank for the first time.

Mr. Dupont, a young entrepreneur living with his wife in San Francisco, was looking for his dream home when he came across a quaint house in Mrs. Dupont’s hometown in the French countryside and fell in love with it. In order to buy the house, the Dupont’s applied for a mortgage from a French bank and embarked on a long and arduous application process. After submitting their application to the bank, the bank requested a legal opinion from a U.S. attorney verifying the couple’s legal status and legal authority, and the Dupont’s asked friends, family and colleagues for information on an attorney who could provide this service. By coincidence, Mr. Dupont found Tsang & Associates, PLC on the Internet, and after a conversation with Joseph Tsang, an attorney, decided to retain our firm to issue a legal opinion.

When Mr. Dupont contacted us on Thursday, he set a deadline of the following Tuesday to finalize the opinion, which left us very little time to work. Not only that, but Mr. Dupont was also vague about the specific requirements of the French bank in terms of the legal opinion. We told Mr. Dupont that we were able to deliver the legal opinion within the deadline, but we needed more information from the bank and clarity on the specific requirements for the legal opinion. We were unable to contact the French bank on our own and advised Mr. Dupont to contact the bank and ask the bank to clarify the specific scope of what must be known in order to prepare a detailed legal opinion.

Mr. Dupont contacted the French bank, which presented him with 10 specific requirements that had to be met, i.e., 10 points on which we were to issue an opinion. Accordingly, we enumerated a customized list of documents and asked Mr. Dupont to collect them according to the list for our reference to form a legal opinion.In addition to combing and reviewing documents, we wrote the necessary supporting documentation to prove that Mr. Dupont met the bank’s requirements.

Throughout the weekend, we reviewed hundreds of pages of documents and completed the legal opinion to the French bank on time. Mr. Dupont was overjoyed, especially since he was initially unsure if a law firm could issue such an opinion, especially in such a short period of time. As a token of his appreciation, Mr. Dupont matched us with his friends and family who needed a legal opinion and introduced us to more clients.

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