Last Will for Elderly Widow

Last Will for Elderly Widow

  • Applicant: Mrs. Yun Chi
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Case Type: Last Will
  • Time: A little over a year.
  • Challenges:
    • Mrs. Yun Chi is in her late eighties and a widow.
    • An emotional situation for a mother.
    • Difficulty in getting the three siblings to meet and plan Will.
    • Assets included a commercial building in New Jersey and Real Estate.
    • Other attorneys are involved in the legalities of this Will.



There is a time in everyone’s life where they are going to have to sit down and write their last will. Although it may be a happy time for some, for others this can be an emotional time especially when there are roadblocks in trying to make this last Will, which is what happened to Mrs. Yun Chi. Mrs. Chi, now in her late eighties and a widow, had been feeling very sad and lonely since the death of her late husband, knew that time had come for her to make the heartbreaking, yet wise decision to update and prepare her Last Living Will. As the primary beneficiary of her deceased husband’s assets, she understood the need to hire an attorney who could help her in this delicate situation, since her husband was the one who handled the family business matters.

Mrs. Chi happened to come across Tsang and Associates and asked if we handled Will and Trusts, as she was hoping to find an attorney who was knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Indeed, one of our attorneys has extensive experience in preparing Will and Trusts, so he offered to serve as an advisor for her because various attorneys were involved in the legalities of her husband’s previous Will and Testament and it was going to be difficult trying to get all her children to sign it.



The keys to success, in this case, involved much planning between our attorney and the other attorneys who were originally involved in the preparation of Mr. Chi’s prior Will and Testament, as there were many changes to be made. Our attorney made several attempts to try and get Mrs. Chi’s three children to meet and plan the Will, and not to mention, help ease an emotional mother’s pain who just wanted to have her last will prepared.

Mrs. Yun Chi’s three children were older and all had their own families and they all lived in different parts of the United States and because of this, it seemed like they could not find the time or day to come into our office to help plan their mother’s Will. With the challenge of not being able to get all the children together to meet and plan the Will took longer to make which caused Mrs. Chi to become more emotional. All she wanted was to bequeath all of her tangible personal properties to her three children in substantially equal shares and to be divided as her three children agree yet it seemed like she was getting nowhere.

Time is of the essence, and after many attempts of trying to work out a feasible schedule to accommodate the three siblings, our attorney finally managed to get Mrs. Chi’s three children to come into our office, they reviewed the Will, planned the new one, and all three siblings agreed and signed it.



She retained our services, and although it may have taken some time to get the Will done, Mrs. Chi’s Last Living Will was finally completed in May of 2019. Our attorney clearly understood how important it was for this caring mother to get her Last Will prepared, and although it may have taken a little over a year to get it all done due to conflicting schedules, our attorney finally prepared Mrs. Chi’s Will. Not only did our attorney serve as a consultant for his client, but he also helped to make this legal matter more cost-effective for Mrs. Chi. She was very happy when it was all over, and thankful for the attorney who helped her put this behind her.