Jury Summons for an Individual that was not Naturalized

Jury Summons for an Individual that was not Naturalized

Applicant: Mr. Lu
Case type: Jury Summons
Time: One week

  • The client was not a citizen and thus could not vote/serve on a jury
  • The burden of proof that our client could not serve was on him/us
  • He needed to respond to the summons before legal action was taken against him and his family



It is an American’s civic duty to attend jury duty but somehow, Mr. Lu received a summons to appear on a jury in an ongoing court case. Mr. Lu was not a naturalized citizen at the time, however, and so his inability to vote necessarily meant that he should never have been enlisted for jury duty in the first place. Even despite the mix-up being entirely out of his hands, having been issued an official summons meant it was Mr. Lu’s responsibility to prove that he is legally incapable of sitting on a jury. Failure to make such a declaration would result in our client being charged and punished for dodging civil duties through this simple misunderstanding– which would greatly impact his entire family’s ability to stay situated in this country.

Mr. Lu was largely unfamiliar with the intricacies of the U.S. judicial system and was concerned about how this could impact his family negatively if he did not resolve the problem quickly. Lu, an immigrant to the U.S., first obtained green cards for his entire family through legal counsel and first-hand assistance at Tsang & Associates. Having been satisfied with our level of commitment in handling the logistics of his family’s relocation, he immediately turned to us for guidance when another pressing issue arose.



Even though we do not outright advertise our services for unique circumstances such as Mr. Lu’s, we were nonetheless happy to step in and do what we could to justify his continued confidence in our team’s capabilities. We worked with him to assemble the proper documentation– most notably: his erroneous jury summons, his permanent resident card, and his passport. With these, we were able to draft an incredibly strong case in support of the lawful exemption from Mr. Lu’s recent summons.

Not only were we able to neatly assemble Mr. Lu’s credentials as a green card holder for the consideration of the presiding officers, but we were also able to submit them in a timely fashion, relieving our client of his worries as quickly as we could afford to.



Upon the court’s reception of our response, Mr. Lu was excused from jury duty and absolved of any looming legal repercussions. He was endlessly grateful that we were once more able to work with him in securing and protecting a promising future for his family. Mr. Lu can now continue with his life without having this worry constantly on him.