I-751 Petition Granted to Reunited Couple

Successful I-751 For Couple Who Reunited After Divorce

Applicant: Mr. Bachchan
Case: I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
Nationality: India
Approval Date: 01/06/2021


  • The couple faced personal hardships that pushed them to divorce, but quickly regretted their decision and remarried.
  • Most of the couple’s relationship prior to first marriage had been long distance/virtual.
  • The couple had little joint documentation to prove their bonafide marriage



Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan met when they were teenagers growing up in the same community in India, and even then, they felt an undeniable attraction to one another. After years of having lost touch due to Mrs. Bachchan’s move to the United States, the two reconnected in 2013. It was clear then that the love they shared for one another had only grown and a year later, they were married. However, their family -Mr. Bachchan, Mrs. Bachchan and her daughter- soon fell upon hard times. A combination of financial strain, threats from Mrs. Bachchan’s first husband, and other personal issues led to Mrs. Bachchan ultimately asking for a divorce as she could not take the pressure. Mr. Bachchan was at his wits end dealing with his mother’s stroke that happened as tensions were breaking and could not devote as much time as he would have liked to convince Mrs. Bachchan to change her mind.

At this point, heartbroken and depressed, Mr. Bachchan came into Tsang and Associates to get help in filing an I-751 waiver to remove conditions alone; this was excruciating for him to accept, but even amidst his turmoil he was responsible enough to take the steps to ensure his status was valid. After a few months, the couple began reconnecting at the prompting of Mrs. Bachchan and realized they had no feeling of ill will towards one another, and that their situation had broken them up, not a lack of love. This reconnection helped lift both of them out of a dark place as they realized they needed one another more than anything, and so they remarried only 7 months later, a testament to their inability to be apart for long.



We instantly requested that the I-751 waiver be reconsidered as an I-751 joint petition, and gathered the necessary documentation to demonstrate why the couple had initiated divorce proceedings in the first place, while also providing evidence of the bonafide nature of their marital relationship.

Another key strategy we used here at Tsang and Associates was in depth coaching prior to the interview. By preparing our clients with not only the knowledge to accurately answer every question, but the confidence to do so without feeling taken off guard and thus seeming nervous, we were able to ensure a smooth interview. This strategy simply trained the couple to convey the already true, loving, and bonafide nature of their marriage to the interviewer in an effective way.

This was key, as the officer at their interview stated after that “you and your spouse (Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan) testified consistently on important dates and submitted enough evidence to show you were in a bonafide marriage prior to divorce”.



Thanks to our guidance, Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan’s I-751 petition was approved just one month after their interview. Now with Mr. Bachchan’s status secured, the couple can focus on strengthening their rekindled relationship and providing a stable and loving environment to their daughter.

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