I-751 Petition Approved Despite 22 Year Age Difference

Happy Result Despite Large Age Difference For I-751 Couple

Name: Horacio Vasquez
Nationality: Mexico
Case: I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
Processing Time: 9 months
Approval Date: 03/03/2021


  1. Client acted as a father to his U.S. citizen spouse’s child since before the child could walk, however they have no children of their own.
  2. Client is 22 years older than his wife, which can shed doubt on the bonafide nature of the relationship.


Mr. Vasquez met the love of his life at work, at a time when she desperately needed a strong support system. At the time, Mrs. Vasquez had a baby, still not even a year old, that she was raising on her own. Mr. Vasquez’s heart immediately connected not only with her, but with her child as well; he stepped up to the plate and acted as a father to the young boy ever since. Today, they are married and very much in love, and Mr. Vasquez considers the boy to be his son.

Mr. Vasquez had been on a conditional green card for the last couple of years, which he had received when his U.S. spouse petitioned for it on his behalf, and now needed our help removing the conditions on his green card via a I-751 application so that he could get his 10-year green card. They came into Tsang and Associates to aid them through this process.


We immediately set to work on The Vasquez’s case. We sent them a detailed checklist to aid them in providing us with the kind of documentation that we needed for this case. Luckily, they had a myriad of joint assets together including a house, and much joint documentation together. We made sure to emphasize how they had travelled to Mexico several times to see Mr. Vasquez’s family, indicating that Mrs. Vasquez was an integral part of their larger family unit. While we knew that the age gap and the fact, they had no children together could serve as factors to cast doubt on the bonafide nature of their marriage, we were confident that the documentation they did have was enough to show the true intentions of this couple. After all, love transcends things like age and blood ties, something exemplified by Jorge’s commitment to the child that he considers his son.


Only 9 months after filing, Mr. Vasquez’s waiver was approved without an interview. The true and honest nature of this couple’s devotion to one another and their marriage shone through. Thanks to Tsang and Associates, this couple can now rest easy knowing that Mr. Vasquez’s status is stable and the legitimacy of their marriage is respected.

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