I-751 Approved in Record Time Despite a Host of Unique Challenges

I-751 With Limited Documentation Approved in Record Time Despite a Host of Unique Challenges

  • Applicant: Mr. Dissanayake and Mrs. Saetang
  • Case Type: I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
  • USCIS Processing Time: 6 months
  • Approval Date: 02/16/2021
  • Challenges:
    • This couple, due to extenuating circumstances, had very little in joint documentation and assets, with less than 30 photos together and only 13 exhibits to provide.
    • This couple’s ethnic origins are distinctly different from one another, with Mr. Dissanayake being from Sri Lanka and Mrs. Saetang being from Thailand.
    • The couple does not have any children in common, although Mr. Dissanayake has one child from a previous relationship whom Mrs. Saetang has embraced as her own.



Mr. Dissanayake and Mrs. Saetang are simply two people who found what everyone is searching for in their lives, love. Mrs. Saetangs’ aunt was working with Mr. Dissanayake at the airport, when she decided to introduce her niece to him, in the hopes that they could become great friends. As Mrs. Saetang became an engrained and important member in Mr. Dissanayake’s friend group, their feelings for one another far exceeded what Mrs. Saetang’s aunt could have hoped. Their friends watched fondly as they fell madly in love with one another; Soon, Mrs. Saetang became an important and loving figure in Mr. Dissayanake’s daughter’s life and eventually, the two got married and began building their beautiful family with Mr. Dissanayake’s daughter, the foundation of which is their healthy and happy marriage based on mutual respect and care. However, when the time came for Mrs. Saetang to apply for the conditions on her permanent residence to be removed, she found that her marriage’s legitimacy was likely to be viewed under scrutiny.

This was a shock to both Mrs. Saetang and her husband, because their marriage was one built on mutual love and honesty, and these were traits they worked hard to instill in Mr. Dissanayake’s daughter. Their marriage was under scrutiny for a few main reasons. First, this couple had less joint documentation than the average married couple, with less than 30 photos together, little in shared assets, and only 13 exhibits to provide. Every couple is different and they never thought that their lack of picture taking or more independent approach to their assets in their marriage would be considered an issue. Next, this couple’s ethnic origins were distinctly different from one another, with Mr. Dissanayake being from Sri Lanka and Mrs. Saetang being from Thailand. Unfortunately, this often sheds doubt on the legitimacy of the relationship, but Mr. Dissanayake and Mrs. Saetang fell in love in America, a multicultural hub, and that love for one another simply transcended cultures. In addition, the couple did not have any children in common, although Mr. Dissanayake had one daughter from a previous relationship, that Mrs. Saetang loves unconditionally. On this note, a last unconventional feature of the marriage was that Mr. Dissanayake’s ex-wife is on good terms with the family and attends events with them; they never could have foreseen that this healthy and mature dynamic could cast scrutiny on the legitimacy of their marriage. They needed help and had to figure out how to prove that they were indeed a legitimate couple, but they did not know where to begin, until they got in touch with Tsang & Associates.



To help the couple, who were in a committed marriage but had a few issues weighing against them, we spent time coaching them on what they needed. We had helped Mrs. Seatang and her husband file an I-485 adjustment of status application prior to this petition, and thus knew their case in great detail. We were able to help them from the very beginning until the end of their legal journey and provided reassurance the entire way. Our deep investment in their story created a relationship between the couple and our office based on a foundation of trust. After conducting a thorough strategy session, we prepared a customized checklist for Mrs. Saetang helped her compile all the necessary documents that would help support the bona fide nature of her marriage. Even though they were missing some of the standard documents we would use in a case like this, we prompted them to think creatively about what they could include to supplement the filing of their case and convey their happy marriage. We organized all documentation in a manner that proved legitimacy and encouraged her to obtain third-party affidavits testifying to the real nature of their relationship, which made a world of difference when it came to their particular case.



With the help of Tsang and Associates, their case was not only approved 6 months later, but it was approved without an interview. The Standard processing time is on average around 14 months, but with the help of our law office, we were able to present a compelling case that conveyed the bona fide nature of their marriage, along with their love for one another and their little family. The convenient and timely approval of her petition would not have been possible without the help of Tsang and Associates; this paved the way for Mrs. Saetang to start preparing to file for Citizenship. She couldn’t be happier that the true nature of her marriage was respected and she looks forward to the bright future she is building with her husband and step daughter.

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