I-130 For Couple With Newborn Children

I-130 For Couple With Newborn Children

  • Country/Region: Taiwan, China
  • Applicant: Mrs. Chang (petitioner); Mr. Chang (beneficiary)
  • Case type: Permanent Residency Family Petition
  • Time: March 2018 – April 2019
  • Challenges:
    • Mother was living in Taiwan with the rest of her family
    • The couple just had twins
    • If they did not get approved, they would have to split their family up or Mrs. Chang would have to forsake her US citizenship
    • High rates of fraud in cases such as this, which makes USCIS officers suspicious
    • Understanding what documents to provide can be confusing to applicants



    In 2010, Mr. Chang (a Taiwanese citizen) married his wife (a US citizen) and began his life with her. Though they were indeed happy together, the logistics of their relationship remained complicated as they were legal residents of two very different countries. Those logistics became all the more complicated when in 2017, they welcomed a set of twins to their family. In March of 2018, understanding that she needs to be with her newborns to care for them, Mrs. Chang had no choice but to stay situated in Taiwan as she began the arduous process of obtaining residency for the rest of their family. But in September of 2017, after having sent in the initial application, she received a request for further evidence with regards to the authenticity of her marriage.

    Being anchored with parental responsibilities thousands of miles away made this already-complicated process even more overwhelming. Mr. and Mrs. Chang found it discouragingly difficult to navigate the legal procedure on their own. They knew permanent residency petitions are especially tough to receive approval for (considering the high rates of fraud in such cases), and they wanted to be absolutely certain that the documentation they submitted to prove the authenticity of their marriage would be sufficient. Pending the rejection of this petition, their remaining options as a family would be grim: either Mrs. Chang would need to forsake her US citizenship in support of staying with her family, or she would need to leave her loved ones in Taiwan and continue to provide for them from another country. This honest, hardworking couple just wanted to retain the integrity of their family as they made this big move together– and we at Tsang & Associates were happy to do all we could to help them.



    Thankfully for Mr. and Mrs. Chang, our team is more than familiar with how to optimize our client’s chances of approval for his/her permanent residency based on his/her respective legal situation. Plus, since this couple had been married for several years before they came to us– and therefore had plenty to show for the genuine nature of their connection to one another– we found that success was a matter of being thorough enough to leave no room for doubt.

    Although consulting with clients based in other countries could be tricky, we did all we could to accommodate their schedules in Taiwan, working with them to compile a collection of official documents that directly verified their bonafide union. In the end, we submitted eleven articles of irrefutable evidence supporting Mr. and Mrs. Chang’s authentic marriage, including birth certificates for their twins, an overview of their joint mortgage schedule/savings account, affidavits by close friends/relatives that confirm their extensive history together, and pictures of the happy family all together during certain events. We emphasized the negative impact that Mrs. Chang’s forced estrangement from her family would have on the upbringing of her young children– an undeniable truth validated by our list of documents showing how great of a team these new parents are.



    Mr. and Mrs. Chang finally received approval for their permanent residency petition in April of 2019. Considering the heavy choices they would have been left to make if their application were to have been rejected, they were particularly glad to have enlisted our help and delivered the most effective argument possible. Now they can start their new life together with their kids without having this constant worry.

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