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H-1B Visa Extension Saves Couple from Deportation


  • Nationality: Vietnam
  • Case: H-1B Visa Extension
  • Challenges:
    1. Only had a short amount of time until Anna would be deported 
    2. USCIS demands proof that applicant’s marriage to U.S. citizen was in good faith.


Anna and John believed that their life was perfect as it was going to get. They had been happily married for five years living in the United States together. Both believed nothing could go wrong until they received terrible news. Anna’s work visa had expired, and she was to be immediately deported. This had placed a heavy burden of fear on the couple, they were about to be separated from each other. Anna could not imagine a life without her husband, and this took an immense toll on her.

Despite the fact that her husband was a U.S. citizen, and that she had lived in the United States for most of her life, Anna was about to be sent away to a country she did not call home. She could not help but be fearful of her future. She needed to find a law firm quick to help her stay in America with her husband. Desperate and fearful, the couple turned to Tsang & Associates for help, confident that we could find a way to help them remain together.


Our team instantly set to work on applying for an extension on Anna’s H-1B visa. Before doing that, however, we needed to prove that Anna and John’s marriage was legitimate. To do so, the team at Tsang & Associates went above and beyond and collected an overwhelming amount of documentation. 

Our lawyers advised John and Anna to bring in as much documentation as possible, most of which they had not even considered until we brought it up. In the end, we collected an overwhelming amount of evidence in favor of their marriage, including:

  • Jointly filed tax returns from all 5 years of their marriage
  • Insurance cards listing each other as spouses.
  • Testimony from friends and family that they knew both Anna and John before and after their marriage and that they are both committed to each other.
  • Documentation of joint ownership of property.
  • Copy of joint bank accounts.
  • Photos of their wedding and vacations

We also provided a detailed attorney brief, where we defended each article and showed in an orderly way exactly how the evidence demonstrated that the marriage was in good faith.

Finally, we personally attended the immigration interviews with Anna. With our help, she presented her case confidently.


USCIS was impressed not only by the sheer amount of evidence we submitted but by the professional way our firm presented it. As a result, after thirteen months of proceedings, Anna finally received notice that her visa extension had been granted. She was beyond happy that she gets to continue her life here in America with her husband. She could not believe the work and dedication that Tsang & Associates put into her case. Because of them she and her husband live happily in California, free from worry and fear.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity

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