Multiple Multinational Executive Visas For Big Furniture Company

Multiple Multinational Executive Visas For Big Furniture Company

Applicant: Big Furniture Company
Nationality: International
Applying For: Immigration Corporate Counsel
Time: More than 25 years

  • Dealing with multiple overseas companies.
  • Ensuring that any immigration case didn’t hurt any other case
  • Using essentially every single working-based immigration visa in U.S. law
  • Dealing with several different managerial styles and goals



Sometimes our clients, like Big Furniture Company, need more than just a single or a couple of people brought to the United States to work. Sometimes they need dozens of people brought here in fairly quick succession. Big Furniture Company wanted to break into the U.S. market as fast as possible, and doing so meant that they wanted to pull executives, middle management, and lower management from all across their multitude of international companies and land them squarely in California. In order to do so, they decided to call us to see if we could help. When they described what they wanted, we realized that we couldn’t treat this like normal immigration cases. We couldn’t dole out some of the cases to one person on our team, some onto another, etcetera, and hope to be successful. So, while we felt confident that we could execute on their goals, we advised Big Furniture company that it would be better to set up an account with us as a corporate counsel account. Instead of just representing each of their workers individually, we could also represent their entire company legally. In doing so, we would have much more access to their infrastructure, which would help us build cases for every single one of their workers in tandem. They agreed to the partnership and we got to work.



Argumentation in immigration cases is key. No case officer is going to make your argument for you. We have a plethora of experience in doing proper argumentation for immigration cases, but Big Furniture Company’s multitude of cases presented a new problem for us; because most of the same cases would be in process at one time, we had to work hard to make sure that no one case could harm any other or multiple other cases. For instance, we couldn’t pin the entire undertaking’s success on any one person in our argumentation, because that would hurt the cause of any other case of any person at a similar level to that client. However, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services often prefer that sort of concrete argumentation to be assured that any immigrant worker coming to the United States is critical to the company they are coming to work for, otherwise they’d prefer for the company to hire an American.

“The immigration and corporate counsel support that Tsang & Associates gave us was absolutely critical to our early growth and success in the U.S. We had companies all over the world, but the U.S. market and employment space were still a mystery to us. Their guidance not only got our people into key positions for success but also helped us understand what we didn’t know about the whole process. Their services remain highly recommended to anyone looking for a legal partnership with people who know what they are doing.” – Big Furniture Company

It was a fine line to walk, but thanks to decades of immigration experience, we were able to walk it. Part of corporate counsel is to ensure our relationship with our clients isn’t that of a contractor. Many lawyers will just ask the company what exactly they want and execute only that. “You want 10 EB-1C visas, okay.” However, we are finding more and more that companies don’t want a lawyer-drone to spit out what they ask for. They want partners who take responsibility, take ownership of the process, and to anticipate the future needs of the company. That’s what we are able to do with our corporate counsel program. We were able to create an immigration framework within their company’s infrastructure that would allow them to create all the appropriate documentation that we would need for any of their workers who may need to eventually come to the United States. Built over months and refined over the years, we were able to create a system within their company’s standards to help facilitate immigration to the United States at an extremely high success rate.

Another issue we ran into was the fact that different companies, even companies all within the umbrella of one corporation, all have different agendas. Many overseas companies didn’t want to lose some of their most promising people to the new U.S.-based company. So a major part of what we did was to bring all the visions of the various companies into a cohesive, tight-knit bond. We had to organize a multitude of human resource departments across the world into a single vision in order to execute what the executives of the corporation needed.



Many individuals had a little doubt this would work out as planned but once the immigration infrastructure was built up within their own company, the entire process ran as smoothly as could be hoped. Big Furniture Company was able to establish a presence in California quickly and efficiently, and now they supply furniture to some of the biggest companies in the United States. Big Furniture Company was extremely impressed with the way we handled their case so professionally and efficiently, and could not be more thankful for our work.

*Name has been changed for client privacy.

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