Educator Approved in Eight Days for EB-1A Petition

Educator Approved in Eight Days for EB-1A Petition

Applicant: Mr. Sun, a doctoral student in education
Professional talent: research in the field of gerontology
Petition Category: EB-1A Distinguished
Processing time: 8 working days


Mr. Sun focused on geriatrics and was introduced to Tsang & Associates Law Firm by a friend, and in October 2016, he hired Joseph Tsang & Associates Law Firm to help him with his EB-1A petition. Mr. Tsang led his team to prepare the petition in the shortest possible time, allowing Mr. Sun to exceed the “three out of ten” standard of the USCIS, with thousands of pages of supporting documents. The case was submitted to the USCIS on Christmas Eve in December 2016 and was approved by the USCIS in early January 2017 without an RFE, successfully obtaining an EB-1A petition for Mr. Sun in 8 business days.

– Although Mr. Sun has won several awards, the awards are not directly related to Mr. Sun’s field, and they are mostly general awards for unit recognition of employees with little professionalism, and other employees have also won awards.
– Sun’s master’s and doctoral degrees did not intersect much with his field of study and has not yet completed his PhD, reviewing the work of others in fields that are not very relevant to gerontology.
– Mr. Sun has not published any papers in the United States, and most of the papers published in his home country are basic articles, and his signature is not found on important papers instead.
– Mr. Sun’s gerontological research is mainly a localization of foreign research results, how can he prove that he can continue to contribute and carry forward his work after he goes to the United States in the future?
– Although Mr. Sun enjoys a high local income, it is difficult to prove that he “enjoys a high salary in the industry”.
– Time is short: Mr. Sun repeatedly emphasized that the children should get their green cards at the same time, but his children are about to turn 21 and face the problem of overage.
– Mr. Sun provided the original file of over 750 pages, 80% untranslated, but two months were required to complete it, which included determining the application strategy, completing the paperwork for delivery, translating, etc.

– Prove
the importance of the award: A major challenge in the submission was that most of the awards Mr. Sun received were regional rather than international. Therefore , we searched and organized the documents to prove that Mr. Sun had received not only strong support from the local government, but also international recognition in the field of education, which is very important and authoritative. We were able to prove that Mr. Sun’s excellence in the region was widely recognized.

Academic paper publication (article): In response to the issue of Mr. Sun’s paper publication and important papers not signed by his name, we have provided left evidence by finding references to show that there are special factors for the papers not signed by his name, but Mr. Sun has played a significant contribution to the study of national elderly education policy and paper publication, and has drawn the attention of society to elderly education and elderly retirement life and re-employment. The subsequent establishment of a structure for geriatric education and the creation of institutions to help the elderly played an important role in promoting a better environment for the elderly.

Review work (judge): Since Mr. Sun’s Ph.D. in gerontology is not yet completed, most of the articles or work of others are reviewed in other fields, so we highlight Mr. Sun’s other backgrounds and specialties. In particular, he specializes in smart education, online lifelong learning for the elderly, and distance education, thus demonstrating that Mr. Sun’s exceptional ability will not only be in gerontology in his home country, but will also help transfer overseas results and experiences to the American society when he comes to the United States.

Leadership / Critical Role: Mr. Sun has played leadership roles in several prominent organizations and institutions as part of prestigious organizations and institutions, helping to elevate them to higher levels. The contributions Mr. Sun has made are evidenced by the significant roles he has played for these organizations and institutions.

– Enjoy the industry high salary (high salary): Mr. Sun’s income and the United States is still a gap, we combed and categorized the sources of Mr. Sun’s income, expanded but reasonable explanation of the salary, and through research on local wages and national industry wages, cited after induction to prove that Mr. Sun enjoys a high salary in the industry.

Recommendation letter: After the inspiration, Mr. Sun deepened his understanding of the recommender, so as to expand the contact range of the recommender, and finally found a suitable candidate in the industry for his recommendation; at the same time, we also assisted the guest to find and communicate with the recommender in the United States, and reached a consensus, and got a total of 8 recommendation letters.

Team work: Mr. Zang’s team held weekly video conference with Mr. Sun to communicate the progress of the case. The whole team, including the host attorney, assistant attorney, legal assistant, bilingual secretary and translator, worked together tacitly and finally succeeded in completing the delivery preparation within two months, meeting the client’s time target.

Mr. Sun’s EB-1A Petition for Alien of Extraordinary Ability was approved in one sitting within 8 business days, with no retroactive filings.
The client was very happy to learn about this and thanked Mr. Zang’s team for such efficiency and results, which allowed the children to immigrate with their parents.

Lawyer Joseph Tsang commented:
The EB-1A petition for distinguished immigrants is unique in that it does not require an employer in the United States and can be filed on its own, there is no immigration quota restriction, applicants do not need to wait in line, and the entire processing cycle is short.
Applicants must meet at least three of the following conditions.
1. having received national or international awards (e.g. Nobel Prize, Olympic, Oscar, etc.).
2. membership in a professional association (membership in the association must be restricted to outstanding individuals).
3. the expatriate and his or her relevant work or achievements in his or her field of expertise have been reported in professional journals or mainstream media.
4. has served as a judge, either individually or as a member of a group, on the work of others in their field of expertise or in other related fields.
5. contribute more than other colleagues in the field in science, education, arts and sports business.
6. my publications must have appeared in regular national and international journals.
7. organizing national/reputable/big impact art exhibitions/performances.
8. holding key positions and playing key roles in important work bodies/organizational groups.
9. Enjoy high salary;
10. commercial success in the performing arts (as demonstrated by box office or audiovisual sales).

For more information, please refer to: EB-1A Immigrant Tips for Specialists. If you have passed the self-assessment and are likely to meet the “3 out of 10” criteria above, you are welcome to contact Tsang & Associates, PLC.

*To protect privacy, the names of the parties involved in the case are pseudonyms.

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