EB-1A for Financial Analyst

EB-1A for Financial Analyst

  • Applicant: Dr. Hao
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Applying For:  EB-1A
  • Degree: MA in Software Engineering, BA in Computer Science
  • Profession: Financial Analysis
  • Prestigious Organization Memberships: 6
  • Publications: 2 Monographs, 7 Scholarly Articles on key topics and theories
  • Challenges:
    • All contributions to his field were all in China
    • Difficult to prove he would be able to contribute to the U.S. based on his Chinese accounting background
    • We could not get letter of recommendations from his employers
    • We could not get letter of recommendations from U.S. scholars


EB-1A cases are always an enormous challenge and it takes a strong case without an ounce of doubt to achieve a successful outcome. Dr. Hao came to our firm seeking assistance for his case, filled with hesitation and concern that he would not qualify for EB-1A status. After receiving unsuccessful counseling from numerous immigration firms who advised he might only qualify for EB-2 status, Dr. Hao came to our firm from a referral to seek our expertise on his case after hearing our many success stories with similar immigration cases. While getting to know Dr. Hao on a deeper professional and personal level, we learned how extraordinary of an individual he is and we were able to customize his EB-1A petition with complete confidence in securing a win for our client.


When our team first heard Dr. Hao’s personal journey and the challenges facing his EB-1A case, we were instantly intrigued and assured Dr. Hao he was in the best care to take his case. At first glance it would have seemed that Dr. Hao had little support documentation, and combined with his professional background in the Chinese accounting field, it caused concern and doubt from Dr. Hao in his ability to win this case. Without proper documentation supporting Dr. Hao and extensive evidence, USCIS officers would have drawn the conclusion that he was simply an accounting professional with no extraordinary abilities and his petition for EB-1A would have likely been denied.

Our team interviewed Dr. Hao extensively on a personal level and discovered that he had many professional contacts in China willing to submit letters of recommendations on his behalf. In order to highlight his strengths in the eyes of his peers, our EB-1 legal team interviewed Dr. Hao business associates and drafted the recommendation letters on their behalf in order to have them translated from Mandarin to English.

Through our many one-on-one interviews with Dr. Hao, we learned of his extraordinary contributions to his field through his memberships in six organizations. Our team was able to produce evidence to support the prestige of these organizations as well as Dr. Hao’s membership confirmation. Recommendation letters were drafted as evidentiary support establishing Dr. Hao’s outstanding professional accomplishments in his achievement to gain membership for these organizations.

Dr. Hao’s professional accomplishments filled our team with complete confidence that he would win his case. Dr. Hao is a recognized expert in the field of financial analysis and with his extensive knowledge and experience in economics and finance, he was qualified to judge two national economic awards, which demonstrated his extraordinary contributions to his field of study. Our team was also able to gather substantial evidence through Dr. Hao’s published works, including his two original monographs and seven scholarly articles on key topics and theories in his field of financial analysis. His past business experience of leadership positions in major companies also demonstrated his extraordinary qualifications and supported his critical role to his field.


After compiling a substantial amount of evidence on Dr. Hao’s behalf, our team’s assurance in his qualifications resulted in a rare successful approval on the first attempt of his EB-1A petition. Dr. Hao was elated and overjoyed that he had put his trust in our team’s confidence to prove his case. Because our team saw beyond challenges and took the time to get to know Dr. Hao on a more personal level, we were able to prove his extraordinary abilities without an ounce of doubt and without any requests for additional evidence. Dr. Hao is now happily living and working in the United States as an alien of extraordinary ability and continues to achieve professional success in the financial field.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity

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