Divorce Mediation for Existing Clients

Divorce Mediation for Existing Clients

  • Applicant: Mr. and Mrs. Han
  • Applying for: Divorce
  • Case Type: Divorce Mediation
  • Challenges:
    • Couple did not want to discuss issues
    • Couple were unable to speak to each other


In many instances, couples who want a divorce resort to divorce litigation. Not only is divorce litigation very expensive, but can be extremely stressful and an emotional situation for the couple. However, Mr. and Mrs. Han believed this was their only option because they just wanted to get away from each other. Mr. and Mrs. Han had once been known as the power couple madly in love with each other, but their marriage had turned ugly. They were constantly bickering with each other and decided it was best if they went their separate ways. The only problem was, they did not want to speak to each other. On top of that, they had also refused to come together and discuss the issues at hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Han were friends of the firm. We had helped them with immigration issues in the past and had enjoyed the work relationship with such a lovely and intelligent couple. We were surprised when they each contacted us independently wanting to file for divorce. Initially we declined, because we were friends with both members of the couple, however, we decided that they needed our help. Without our help, this would have turned into a very ugly and nasty divorce.



Usually, a divorce case is incredibly expensive, with legal fees accumulating while both parties of the couple try to come to an agreement, (often with much acrimony) so we made a case for dual representation. Divorce can often be life-altering and scarring; these were undesirable events we wanted them to avoid. We wanted to help the couple have the most amicable experience possible, yet still part ways.

We discussed this scenario with them, letting them know the dual representation would be the best route to take. The couple took some time to decide, and discussed the matter with their own families. They took a year of deliberation, independently, and they decided which things they needed to settle. We filed their dual representation, saving them thousands of dollars, and much emotional turmoil.

We took the extra time to make sure they were ready for the process, and we were able to offer emotional support for both of them while they were going through their separation. A good mediator can show a couple how they can separate gently, without inflicting emotional damage on each other and letting things get ugly. This particular role needs the ability to finesse relationships and emotions and help obtain proper boundaries, difficult when a couple is involved in an emotional situation.

To help this couple, we did more than what they asked, and trust carried through, as we were there for them and able to guide them through their process of separation and avoid emotional trauma—and save legal fees—while maintaining strong relationships.



After a period of seven months, the mediation was filed. The couple was able to part ways, amicably and with some amount of respect for each other; separating their assets and moving on with their own lives without emotional damage or spending a small fortune. They were happy at the end of the day that Tsang & Associates turned something that could have been ugly, to almost what you would call a “happy ending”. We were also happy that we’ve remained friends with the couple independently.