Divorce for Couple with Three Children

Divorce for Couple with Three Children

  • Applicant: Mr. and Mrs. Choi
  • Case Type: Divorce
  • Case Type: Marriage and Family
  • Challenges:
    • Couple unable to come to terms to divorce
    • Communication between partners was very difficult
    • Other attorneys had not been successful in helping the couple divorce
    • The couple wanted to keep their issues private


Not everyone gets their happily-ever-after, and this was the case for Mr. and Mrs. Choi. They were once a couple who were very much in love, but as life went on, they started fighting more often. They were not seeing things eye to eye anymore and it felt like their love for each other was fizzling out. As the years went on, they started to realize that they needed to continue their lives separately and wanted a divorce, and this is where it got tricky. The couple had been married for eighteen years, and they were wealthy. They had countless assets and had three children. Not only did they need to sort out their material items, but they had to figure out who would take custody of their kids. What made this process more difficult was that Mr. and Mrs. Choi were barely talking to each other and if they did; it automatically resulted in an argument.

They found a law firm that they thought could help them sort everything out but it turned out this law firm was unable to help them obtain a divorce. The Choi’s were frustrated and they needed an experienced third party who would help them obtain their divorce and sort all of their assets out.



From the first meeting, the couple had told us there was no possibility of reconciliation between the two of them, so we got to work figuring out how to sort out their divorce. However, we ran into a problem, the Choi’s are extremely private people and were reluctant to share their issues with us. They were also worried that their private issues would become public and they did not want their newly divided assets to appear online. Taking their issues of privacy and communication into consideration, we presented an academic course on divorce law, so the couple could understand how their particular situation fits within the law. Providing twelve hours of legal service, we discussed marriage and family law and explained what it entailed, helping the couple understand the process they must undertake for a successful divorce.

Presented with facts, the couple was able to open up and resolve their issues amicably, and we were able to keep their issues private. The second issue was that it was difficult for them to communicate with each other without an argument starting. However, we told them the only way to situate their problem is to work together for a little and that seemed to work. They were able to agree upon the child and spousal support, and both parties were pleased with the arrangement.



The Choi’s were able to successfully divorce, and make a final and complete settlement of all rights and obligations between parties, including custody for their three children, child support, health insurance, spousal support, property, family residence, and retirement benefits. They are now free to start their separate lives, and could not be more thankful for Tsang & Associates help.