Divorce for Couple of 15 Years

Divorce With Missing Spouse

  • Client: Ms. Loh
  • Applying for: Divorce
  • Length of Marriage: 14 years 11 months
  • Length of Separation: 28 days
  • Number of children: 2
  • Challenges:
    • Emotionally charged separation
    • Frequent heated disagreements between husband and wife


Extremely distraught, Ms. Loh came to Tsang and Associates hoping to secure a divorce from her husband of nearly 15 years, Mr. Lee. After being happily married for almost 15 years, the marriage began to deteriorate. Constant disagreements arose, conflicts became commonplace, and tensions flared. Even after so many years together, Mr. and Ms. Loh simply could not bear one another anymore. Their arguments became more heated and their children were suffering the ramifications. 15 years of marriage was about to become a painful divorce proceeding. As such, fraught with emotion, Ms. Loh sought our assistance in the divorce process.


When Ms. Loh came in to speak with our attorney, we suggested to her that should they want to avoid paying tremendous legal fees and suffer through an emotionally tense court proceeding, it would be much easier and less costly to go through a mediation process and file an uncontested divorce. This was initially very difficult for the couple to agree to due to constant fighting and disagreements between them. However eventually, the two came into our office together and with the help of our attorney, drafted a marriage settlement agreement with which they were both happy. Our attorney was able to guide this mediation process in a peaceful manner, able to put aside the couple’s differences and devise a plan to file an uncontested divorce. The couple’s main points of contention rested upon their two children. They were unable to decide who would gain legal and physical custody of their children nor could they decide on parenting visitation hours. After much bickering and conflict, our attorney directed the couple to their eventual agreement of joint custody and a resolution to decide parenting time among themselves. In addition, our attorney led a discussion on the hotly contested topic of child support. By mediation and thorough guidance, the couple determined to require no payment of child support by either party nor would any spousal support be paid. Through it all, Mr. and Ms. Loh painlessly and peacefully completed their divorce without having to go through court. All assets were divided in a satisfactory way, and the settlement was agreed upon, signed, and filed on October 5, 2015.


The divorce was approved on April 17, 2016. Our clients were extremely grateful for this smooth procedure helping them avoid damaging costs.