Counsel for Small Claims Court Case

Counsel for Small Claims Court Case

  • Applicant: Ms. Gia
  • Nationality: American of Chinese Descent
  • Applying for: Family Counsel
  • Case Type: Small Claims
  • Time: One day
  • Challenges:
    • The client believed her apartment manager stole rent checks.
    • The client wanted to recover the salary paid to the employee.
    • Client unclear if Family Counsel services covered her needs.


Ms. Gia and her husband had owned an 8-unit apartment complex together in Carson, California for over twenty years. They lived a modest and happy life together. With the help of hiring a series of apartment managers, a lot of their responsibilities were alleviated and they were able to spend more time with their grandchildren. They thought life couldn’t get any better. Unfortunately, two years ago Mr. Guo had passed away and left Ms. Gia with the responsibility of the apartments. Ms. Gia began to rely heavily on the most current apartment manager her husband hired. However, she soon discovered that Mr. Franks, the apartment manager, was less than honorable. In December 2019, Ms. Gia received a notice from the City of Carson Fire Department notifying her that the fire alarm panel at her apartment complex was faulty and needed replacement. She relied on Mr. Franks to handle all of the demands of the fire department, to avoid getting fined and having to remove the tenants. Ms. Gia had found out that Mr. Franks had never met any of the demands of the fire department and now she was at risk for the possible removal of her tenants. Ms. Gia had felt betrayed, she had trusted Mr. Franks and he had let her down. She quickly attempted to contact Mr. Franks, but his phone had been disconnected, and he’d moved from his apartment. Fortunately, before Mr. Guo had passed, Mr. Guo had set up Family Counsel Services with Tsang and Associates in case they needed help with business contracts, power of attorney, or dispute resolution. She was able to contact Tsang and Associates and with the combination of clear communication with the fire department and quick action to meet their demands, Ms. Gia had the issue quickly resolved with the legal assistance of Tsang and Associates and without penalty.

With the fire department issue behind her, she had finally believed her troubles had passed. However, Ms. Gia had to address another thorny issue with her apartment manager. She believed he had absconded with rent checks and cashed paychecks for his services despite not working. The total amount she was seeking came to just under $5,000. Not only was she shocked, but she was furious. Once again, Mr. Franks had betrayed Ms. Gia’s trust. Ms. Gia wondered if Tsang and Associates could help as they helped with the issue with the Fire department.



Although Tsang and Associates does not take cases to court, because Ms. Gia had retained Family Counsel Services, the firm could set up a Small Claims Court action plan. They spent countless hours coming up with a step by step plan for Ms. Gia’s case. First, the firm drafted a demand letter addressed to Mr. Franks for remittance of the $5,000. Then Tsang and Associates helped her gather the necessary documentation to prove her case. Finally, the firm referred her to a trusted Small Claims/Real Estate attorney.

Not only did they formulate a plan for Ms. Gia, but they also had to reassure her. Ms. Gia was devastated that once again she had to go through legal issues with Mr. Franks. Tsang and Associates had to show Ms. Gia that they were doing everything in their power to correct this mishap, and this helped Ms. Gia feel a little more positive about the case.



With the help of Tsang and Associates, Ms. Gia felt confident and prepared as she took her case to Small Claims Court. Her situation is a perfect example of how quickly the firm can respond to their client’s emergency needs. Ms. Gia was glad that she had such a reliable law firm looking out for her.