B-2 Extension for Spiritual Journey


  • Nationality: China
  • Case: B-2 Extension
  • Processing Time: 8 months
  • Challenges:
    1. Prove that Mr. Ting would be financially responsible for his expenses during his extended stay in the United States.
    2. Prove that Mr. Ting had legitimate reasons for returning to China to his family, work, and attend to his finances.
    3. Mr. Ting desired to extend his stay in the United States to embark on a spiritual journey, but under B-2 Visa guidelines, tourists can only stay up to six months. 


Mr. Ting was born in China in a very humble home and raised with strong Christian values instilled by his father who wanted his son to grow up to become a fine man whose choices in life would reflect his Christian values. Mr. Ting lived a comfortable lifestyle alongside his loving wife, worked very hard to provide for his family, was financially secured, but had a dream to fulfill: to go to the United States of America. Little did he know that his dream would soon come true when he and his wife learned that they were finally granted B-2 Visas to travel to the United States as tourists.  Mr. Ting and his wife didn’t waste any time and in July of 2018, the excited couple traveled to California on vacation. They went sight-seeing, dined in good restaurants, but most importantly, visited many churches just as they planned and made new friends who shared the same Christian values. Mr. Ting was having a great time, but at the same time felt a great sense of emptiness inside of him.

Mr. Ting, a fifty-year-old Christian man, wanted to extend his stay in the United States because he yearned to embark on a spiritual journey for personal reasons, felt he needed some time to himself as he does some soul searching, and desired to continue visiting more churches in the country and other inspirational places that might help him find what he’s looking for in his life. However, under B-2 Visa regulations, visitors can only stay in the United States for a period of six months. Mr. Ting didn’t know how to go about this situation because their stay in the would expire in a couple of months, so his supportive wife suggested that he seek professional legal advice from an immigration office and found Tsang and Associates on the Internet. Desperate for answers, Mr. Ting contacted us right away and explained his situation to our attorney, who told him that it was possible to extend his stay in the United States as long as he complied with all of the requirements asked of him by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),  and that it would take some time to achieve positive results but, our legal team was willing to help him get started.


Mr. Ting knew too well how hard it was to obtain B-2 visas and without hesitation, decided not to risk losing the one opportunity he had of possibly staying in the United States for a couple of months more so that he may fulfill his mission; and with this in mind, our legal team got quick at work to try and avoid any unforeseeable interruptions that might delay this case. We immediately filed an application to Extend Nonimmigrant Status (B-2 Extension) with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before Mr. Ting’s B-2 Visa expires.  

Moreover, it helped a lot that Mr. Ting fully cooperated and complied with all of the USCIS requirements, just as we advised him, and provided our legal team with the bank statements we needed to demonstrate that our client was financially stable and would personally be responsible for all of his expenses during his stay, and not depend on the United States Government for financial assistance whatsoever.  

Furthermore, in an attempt to avoid any scrutiny towards Mr. Ting, our attorney also provided the USCIS with the necessary documents to demonstrate that Mr. Ting had a secure lifestyle back home. Therefore, he fully intends to return to China where his family and friends await his return, needs to go back to the workplace, and tend to his personal assets. 


Mr. Ting always dreamed of going to the United States to fulfill a dream and visit many churches where he was able to attain a more profound sense of understanding of his Christian roots and quench his thirst for knowledge as he searched for answers that only he can find. He was very pleased with Tsang and Associates’ legal team for getting the USCIS to grant him an extension of his B-2 Visa.  He was allowed to stay in the United States until November of 2018 and can now go to many more churches to pursue his spiritual journey.

*Name has been changed to protect client identity

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