B-1/B-2 For Man with Mistaken Identity

B-1/B-2 For Man with Mistaken Identity

  • Applicant: Dr. Zo
  • Country/Region: Taiwan, China
  • Applying for: B1/B2 Visitor visa
  • Case Type: Mistaken Identity, Theft of Social Security Number
  • Challenges:
    • Impending medical conference creates a tremendous time pressure.
    • Difficult to explain mistaken identity claims.
    • Delinquent child support payments raised suspicions.


Dr. Zo didn’t expect any complications when registered for an important medical conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a respected doctor in Taiwan, he was accustomed to supervising a large staff and having his needs met quickly. However, having his passport denied by the consular’s office came as quite a shock. The reason for the denial was even more shocking. The consular said he owed delinquent support payments for children he’d fathered in the United States. Dr. Zo did have children, but they lived with him in Taiwan, along with his wife. He certainly had no children in America. He couldn’t understand what could be the matter and unfortunately with the medical conference quickly approaching Dr. Zo didn’t have much time to figure it out.



After a productive phone consultation, Dr. Zo retained the services of Tsang and Associates, and we quickly began to research the case on his behalf. The firm discovered there was a discrepancy in Dr. Zo’s Social Security Number (SSN) on file with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and his correct SSN. Unfortunately, Dr. Zo had misplaced his physical card so he could not show it to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to correct the problem. Further research revealed the incorrect SSN belonged to Dr. Zo’s former roommate from 20 years earlier when he was studying in the United States. The firm discovered the former roommate had stolen Dr. Zo’s SSN and it was this gentleman who was delinquent on his child support payments. In the meantime, Dr. Zo searched his old records and found his original SSN card.

Tsang and Associates immediately drafted a letter to the American Institute in Taiwan to explain the misappropriation of Dr. Zo’s SSN and petition to have his passport renewed. Dr. Zo’s situation was complicated and required a thorough presentation of exhibits to establish his U.S. citizenship. These exhibits included his expired passport, his U.S. tax returns, his marriage certificate, his spouse’s household registration, and his Taiwan residence certificate.

Due to the time constraint of Dr. Zo’s impending medical conference combined with the slow response from the Taiwan consular’s office, the firm recommended he apply for a B1/B2 Visitor visa in the short term.



Happily, Dr. Zo was able to attend the medical conference in Las Vegas with a B1/B2 visa. Tsang and Associates continues to represent Dr. Zo through the process for his passport renewal.

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