2 Successful E-2 Investment Visas Approved in One Week

2 Successful E-2 Investment Visas Approved in One Week

Recently, the cases handled by Tsang & Associates have been reported frequently. The E-2 investment visa jointly processed with Cerritos Immigration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cerritos”) was approved twice within a week! Ceruidu excerpts the key points of the case as follows:

E-2 success story 1
Investment Amount: USD 100,000
US Company Establishment Date: 02-2016
Business items: Import high-end Moutai, Puer tea and Antrodia camphorata from mainland China for sale in the United States
Background introduction: Ms. Huang, in her 40s, MBA, has been engaged in the financial securities industry for nearly 20 years
Processing time: about 70 days
Time node: 05-2016 Attorney Joseph Tsang completed the pre-company deposit, preparation, operation and other operations, notified Taipei Cerritos Immigration Co., Ltd. to assist AIT interview, 07-2016 interview passed, and obtained a five-year E-2 visa ),

Thank you from the guest: Thank you for helping me prepare fully and go to the point. I am very happy to get a five-year visa! ——Miss Huang

E-2 success story 2
Investment Amount: USD 250,000
Company Establishment Date: 03-2016
Business items: Marketing MIT products through the website, such as: Taiwanese professional baseball peripheral products, gifts, and assisting Taiwanese manufacturers to purchase American
Domestic products
Background introduction: Ms. Wang, in her 40s, Ph.D. in marketing, an associate professor of marketing in a university, with 20 years of teaching experience
Processing time: about 55 days
Time node: 06-02-2016 Attorney Joseph Tsang completed the company’s initial investment, preparation, website design, personnel planning, and
Zhixiruidu Immigration Business Co., Ltd. assists the client to handle and accompany the AIT interview~07-2016. The interview is passed,
Obtain a five-year E-2 visa
Guest Thank You Message: Hi, Joseph, Judy and Teenie, Thanks for all of your help. I deeply appreciate all of you——Miss Wang

The two E-2 visa applicants followed the plan made by Joseph Tsang for them and the advice of Cerritos, regardless of the preparation of materials and the key expressions of the interview, they practiced repeatedly and signed a visa for 5 years at a time. E-2 investor visa. The most important thing is that the investment amount is not high, and it is easy to manage and operate in the future operation. In the E-2 application, the business plan and initial company operation performance are very important.

*To protect customer privacy, customer names are pseudonyms.

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