I-824 Application for Reissue Approval Notice (I-797)

Although some people have obtained the visa, they may need to show the I-797 approval notice as proof when handling certain matters. Applicants for some non-immigrant work visas (such as: H, L, O, P visas) need to obtain the I-797 approval notice issued by the USCIS before they can apply for a visa at the consulate. If the I-797 approval notice issued is lost for some,  there can be serious consequences.

There are four types of approval notices from the Immigration Service (USCIS), commonly known as I-797 approval notices:

  • Form I-797 – For the approval of immigrant visa applications and adjustment of status applications only;
  • Form I-797A (together with I-94 card) – Approvals for alien-related cases in the United States (such as extensions of status and changes of status for nonimmigrant visa holders);
  • Form I-797B (with consulate notification) – Approvals for alien-related cases outside the United States or for obtaining non-immigrant visas (such as L, H, K, etc. visa applications);
  • Form I-797C – Used as non-approval notifications (such as receipt notifications, supplementary notifications, and rejection notifications, etc.).

Apply for a lost replacement of the Immigration Bureau/Embassy/Consulate Approval Notice (I-797), which is applicable to:

  • Beneficiaries of immigrant visa applications
  • Beneficiaries of nonimmigrant visa applications
  • Adjustment of status application beneficiary
  • Beneficiary of status extension application
  • Change of status application beneficiary
  • Immigration applicants under the Child Protection Act

For decades, we, Tsang & Associates, PLC, have provided reissuing notice of approval (I-797) application services for many clients to help them regain the notice of approval.



Step 1: I-824 Proposal Discussion Meeting

  • Discuss and evaluate individual cases and answer customers’ questions;
  • Provide legal advice, draw up an application plan, and list a customized list of documents.

Step 2: Prepare application documents

  • Collect and sort out customer-related information and documents;
  • Fill in relevant forms and write an application letter in English;
  • According to the standard application format required by the immigration bureau/embassies and consulates, it is integrated and bound into a volume.

Step 3: Submit I-824 Petition to USCIS/Embassy

  • Send documents to the immigration bureau/embassies and consulates and report the progress of the case to the client;
  • Electronic filing for inquiries.


Lawyer fee: XXXX US dollars

Fee statement: This is a standard reference price, excluding government fees and third-party fees; the actual fee will be adjusted due to the different circumstances of each case, please refer to the lawyer’s final appointment contract.

Government Fees: See Form I-824 for the most recent AOS application fees.




Documents provided by the applicant:

  • Copy of original application form
  • Copy of original Petition Approval (Form I-797)


Disclaimer: The above is a list of general application materials. For details, please prepare the application materials according to the customized list of documents provided by our Tsang & Associates, PLC.


Some original I-797 approval notices will be accompanied by a tear-off I-94 card or consulate notification card. If I replace the letter of approval, will these documents still be attached to the copy of the letter of approval?

Won’t. The copy of the approval notice will contain only the information on the original Form I-797. Other USCIS authorizing documents will not be attached to the copy of the approval letter.

I lost my I-797 approval notice, but I need it now. The USCIS office that required me to submit the notice of approval is in California, and the USCIS office that originally issued the notice to me is in Seattle. Can I apply to the immigration office in New York to notify the immigration office in Seattle of the approval information?

You can apply like this. If the application is approved, the New York Immigration Office will transmit the approval information to the Seattle Immigration Office.

Is it possible to change the address during the process of applying for a replacement I-797 approval notice?

Can. However, it needs to be reported to the Immigration Bureau/Embassy or Consulate.

I moved during the I-797 approval notice renewal process, when should I report it?

The report should be made within 10 days of the move.

What will happen if the applicant submits wrong information?

If you submit false documents, distort facts or have other deceitful behaviors, the Immigration Service will take appropriate actions, that is, not only will the submitted application be rejected, but the applicant may also lose current and future immigration benefits and may be punished. Includes criminal/civil action resulting in fines or imprisonment.



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