J-1 Exchange Visitors and Application for Waiver of Return Residency Requirement

“J” Exchange Visiting Scholars are designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills among persons in the fields of education, arts, and sciences. Participants include students in major, middle and primary schools; personnel participating in on-the-job training in companies, institutions and offices; teachers in primary schools, secondary schools and professional technical schools; professors who go to higher education institutions to teach or engage in research work. Scholars who work; personnel who go to medical institutions for professional training; and visiting scholars for the purpose of research training and demonstration of professional knowledge or ability.

According to the regulations of the U.S. government, overseas students who need to stay in the U.S. for more than the time specified in the visa for some reasons may apply to the U.S. State Department to request that they be exempted from the two-year restriction on their return to the country.

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J-1 Advantages

1. The biggest advantage of the J-1 visa is that it includes a variety of categories, and its scope of application is very wide, including many aspects

2. In comparison, applying for a J-1 visa is much simpler than applying for many other visas

3. For those who want to study in the United States, it is relatively easier to obtain a J-1 student visa than an F-1 student visa or M-1 student visa

4. For professionals outside the United States, it is not so easy to obtain some work visas due to quota restrictions. The J-1 visa has no quota limit, and it is not very difficult to apply

J-1 exchange visitors can be exempted from the two-year residency restriction if they meet one of the following five conditions

1. The government of the original host country issues a “no objection statement” to the U.S. Department of State (DOS) for exchange visitors, indicating that the government of the country allows the visitor to continue to stay in the United States. NOTE: This waiver does not apply to exchange visitors receiving graduate medical education or training in the United States

2. The return of the exchange visitor to live in his or her home country will put his or her spouse or children (who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents) in exceptional hardship (exceptional hardship)

3. Exchange visitors will be persecuted after returning to live in China due to reasons of race, clan or political opinion

4. A waiver request is made on behalf of the exchange visitor by the relevant U.S. government agency (Interested Government Agency (IGA) if the U.S. government agency is the sponsor of the exchange program in which the exchange visitor is actively and primarily program interested)

5. The State Department of Public Health or other equivalent agency requests a waiver for exchange visitors receiving graduate medical education or training in the United States (known as the “Conrad Plan” waiver)




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