How to Expedite the Advance Parole and Reentry Permit Process

Expedite the Advance Parole and Reentry Permit Process

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Published: February 28, 2023

Expedite The Advance Parole And Reentry Permit Process Video Summary

In this video, Joseph overviews the different videos in this playlist that’ll help you expedite the Advance Parole and Reentry Permit process. 

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Full Video Transcript

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If you need to leave the United States for a significant amount of time and you need to apply for an Advanced Parole or a Reentry Permit, and you need to do urgently, this series is about how to expedite the entire process. 


In the first video, we’re going to talk about how to expedite the advanced parole or reentry permit and the different ways to do that.


In the second video, we’re going to talk about how to expedite the biometrics portion of these applications, but it’s not limited to just advanced parole or reentry permit, it also includes the I-90 and anything else that requires biometrics.


The third video is about how to reschedule, change locations, regarding these biometric appointments. Some people need to do it once, twice, some people need to do it eight times and so we want to walk you through exactly what to do.


And the fourth video is about how to reopen your case once you’ve already missed biometrics appointment. Your status is now inactive, or it might have already been denied. What do you do then? The reason why this is so important is because every year, tens of thousands of people need to urgently travel, and they need this travel permit in order to do so and if they don’t get it, before they travel, either they lose their green card that they already have or they lose the green card that is in process of application. Some people have spent a million dollars to try to get this application, some people have waited fifteen years to get this application get going or have already obtained their green card and suddenly it’s all for naught. So, they need to apply for this travel permit, but do you know long it takes to get these travel permits? Some could take as long six months to eight months. And, think about that. You have an urgent reason that you need to

travel, maybe your family is sick and you need to be with them for a year. It takes six months to eight months before you’re permitted to leave? Maybe by then it’ll be too late.


And that’s why we’re making this series, to show you how to expedite the process. Every single step of the way, how we do it here, how we used to do it, how it’s being done right now when the program all changed, and how USCIS is planning on changing this system and how it could be done in the future. 


Now, the reason why I want to make this pilot episode is because I want to talk about strategy from a bird’s eye perspective, because each one of these videos is specifically narrowly focused on how to expedite that portion of the case. And, there’s already so much talk about and different types of strategies involved, but now I just want to share that it’s not the end of the world when your reentry permit gets denied or it’s forfeited. You can still prepare a good case and still get it back into the country. It might be more difficult if you’re on a I-485 adjudication process and the I-485 will be denied, but there might be a way to save that too and we might make a separate video just on that. But just know that everything is all intra-connected and intertwined and hopefully you find these videos helpful.

And that’s it for the pilot episode. If you have any questions about how to expedite the process, feel free to reach out to us. We would love a conversation with you. Let’s get started.