Employment Immigration Program for HR: Recruiting Top Talent

An Employment Immigration Program Can Give Your Company An Edge

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Published: December 23, 2023

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The Benefits Of A Strong Employment Immigration Program

In this video immigration attorney Joseph Tsang reviews how a strong employment immigration program at your company can give your business an edge. Being able to offer the benefit of legally coming to the US can be a huge benefit for overseas employees. At the same time, your company has access to an additional talent pool that can help build your company and give you an edge over the competition. 

Having an employment immigration program for your HR team allows you to build and grow this pipeline of top talent and provide additional benefits for your employees. If you are looking to get started, Joseph shares insider tips on how to go about building this employment immigration program for your company from working with affiliates to working with an immigration consultant to the types of visas that may be available for employees of your company. If you are interested in talking with someone about your company’s employment immigration program, contact us. 

Full Video Transcript

Building out a good immigration program at your company is so much more than just knowing how to file H-1B lottery. It’s really thinking through there are the students that start on the OPT, that do the H-1B, maybe leave the country and get selected and come back in. You really want to build out that pipeline, right? 

You want to work with affiliates overseas. Maybe it’s your suppliers. Maybe it’s the people who you constantly depend on, your core partners, and help them bring their staff closer together. 

Maybe you want to acquire a certain company so you can transfer them from L-1A, L-1B process, so they could come over. It’s really examining all the different aspects of immigration law because building out a good immigration program in the HR department is one of the small things that people don’t think about, but it really gives the company an edge. Not a lot, but just an edge, and maybe that edge is enough to be able to bring in the talent that can make your company great. And that’s able to make the share price rise.

Hi everyone, my name is Joseph. I’m the managing partner here at Tsang & Associates where we solve legal problems with creative solutions. So, the legal problem here is actually more of a business problem. How can a company continue to thrive and be able to have top talent? 

You really want your HR department to be able to have a good immigration consultant to help them bring in top talent from everywhere. This is what we did for this client, and we do this for a lot of different companies right from their international students recruiting from college, right? The OPT, the CPT, doing H-1B for the students here. But you could also do H-1B for people who are outside of the US as well. You can still go through the lottery even if you’re not in the US, right? And once you get picked, you qualify, then you can go to the consulate, get the visa, and come in. And that’s what this company does. 

They have a lot of affiliates, a lot of partners all around the world, and they are able to offer and create these programs where, okay, every year we’ll sponsor you, we’ll see if you get picked in the lottery. If you don’t get picked this year, you can pick next year. If you don’t want to come, that’s okay, right? We at least give you that benefit. And you can imagine a lot of people who come into the US on these H-1B visas from overseas, they are some of the hardest working people, right? They really, really contribute to the team, to the company, and really advance and move the needle. So we did that for this company, for so many employees over the past decade. We’re able to help the company transform. They merged with other companies, they got acquired by other companies, and we just go through that entire process, H-1B, perm, H-1B, perm, and then EB-2, EB-3

Think about that. 

Everyone else from the rest of the world who have a bachelor’s degree, who have a master’s degree, they have the opportunity to be able to come here on an H-1B, and you’re able to directly sponsor them for the EB-2, EB-3, and within a few years, they’re able to get the green card. Getting a green card, to so many people, might be valued at more than a million dollars. And when you are legal in the US on an H-1B or get a green card, your children can go to school for free in the public school. You can go to college much easier. It’s so much better. 

So the ability to be able to sponsor people to come into the US is a superpower that a company has. And if the company doesn’t tap into it, then it’s actually forfeiting that ability. So many companies, I’m not saying a company should just employ everybody from overseas. If you do, your cases will probably get denied. USCIS and the Labor Department are quite strict. But it gives you that edge. Do it for a few top talented people. 

US immigration is amazing. They have so many options for so many people. There’s H-1B, there’s E-2, there’s E-1, there’s L-1, there’s L-1B, L-1A. There’s EB-1A, there’s EB-1B, EB-1C. The list goes on and on and on. Even if you only have like five people, even if you’re a nonprofit and you have five people, you might still be able to help somebody come in and stay in the US, not get deported, and be able to help them get a green card. Think of the value you’re able to contribute. Not doing anything new, just being who you are and having them help you, and you therein help them help you, help them. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Take care, bye-bye.